About Me

Travel is my biggest hobby, and although I can’t do it as often, or as long-term as I would like due to work commitments, I aim to get out and see something new every few months. This blog until recently has only included brief summaries of the bigger trips, but going forward will include all my adventures, whether to a faraway tropical island or a just a spontaneous day trip a few miles from home.

One of my bucket list goals is to see all 50 states in America, and so far i’m at 11 which isn’t too bad for a Brit who has yet to embark on the classic American road trip, but definitely needs improving! I’ve volunteered at a summer camp in Maine, completed a marketing internship in Beijing and survived an insane “party bus” style Contiki tour through Western Europe.

I’m not one for packaged holidays, tours or relaxing trips, generally my ideal trip involves a truckload of adventure, platefuls of local food and the occasional bout of hardcore shopping.

The next trip on my list is a few weeks island hopping in Thailand in June (this will be our third visit) and possibly a cheeky long weekend in Dubai too. I’m also finally starting to plan that American road trip!



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