Day 7 – Monday 29th – A quest to find a Kiwi daiquiri

Monday was our last full day on Santorini, and we had our last hotel breakfast of Greek yoghurt, honey and nutella. We decided to head to Monolithos beach for a paddle rather than jostle with the crowds in Kamari. I still struggled with the sand temperature and made a mental note to bring some water shoes if I visit again, no matter how unattractive they may be! We enjoyed the peace and quiet for a while and headed back to the hotel to change, stopping in at the Donkey brewery on the way. It’s quite a small place but it was interesting to see, and we bought a few items from their gift ‘shop’. For lunch we wanted something a little different and despite them begging at us to come in their restaurant each day (which bugs me a lot!) we decided to give ‘Sunshine’ a go, apparently their pasta is made freshly from scratch.

The pasta was OK but I have had better at home. They did have some rather good tomato fritters though. We decided to browse some of the tacky trinket shops to see if there were any little gifts to get our parents, I did find some nice gift packs of olive oils and a shop selling funky shells which I plan to use in my bathroom. At this point we had done most of what we planned, which we knew would be the case with seven days in the same place. We decided to rent some kayaks on Kamari beach for an hour or so. This ended up being great fun and I wished we had done it earlier!


I wasn’t too sure on renting them there because the beach was just so packed full and we always overlooked it, but it was great fun and we could just relax and paddle about to our hearts content. It was a little later in the day so they weren’t timing us and we could basically hang out in the sea for as long as we wanted. I took this opportunity to swim in the sea without having to navigate the roasting hot rocks and sand. The water once you get a little further out was a great clear turquoise colour, this isn’t so visible from the shore. We enjoyed dodging the boats, stand up paddle boards and the occasional swimmer.

After a while we were beginning to get a little hungry again, and decided to head back and figure out where we would have our last dinner. Originally we planned to go to a fancier place, or to Metaxy Mas which I had heard great things about, but we just felt like staying local and going for something simple. We also felt like a change from Greek meals and decided on a whim to try the Asian restaurant called ‘Kiwi’ which was fairly close to the hotel. They served Chinese and Thai food, so I wasn’t expecting too much as places that combine two cuisines are generally not the best. I am not sure if it’s because it had been a while since we had it or not but I was pleasantly surprised with the food – it  was all quite tasty. Not the best I have ever had but considering where we were it was good value.

The setting was a bit of an oriental garden with lanterns which was quite cool. I think plenty of other tourists had the same vision as the restaurant was packed full before too long. Afterward we went to Dolce daiquiri bar to hunt down the Kiwi daiquiri I had found on one of our first days. Finally I had found the place serving it and it was great! It didn’t really taste too much of kiwi, I am not sure what the taste even was but it was definitely a good one. And it looked very impressive for sure! I did want to try another flavour as they had more variety than anywhere else, but Chris had waffle cravings and I didn’t want to be drunk and packing a suitcase so we went for dessert instead.


Afterward we packed and got ready to leave in the morning. Tuesday was rather uneventful except for a very good vanilla cream pastry from a bakery around the corner for the hotel just before we left. The flight wasn’t delayed which was good, but it was still annoying having no free water on board. We would probably avoid flying with Thomson again in the future and instead swing via Athens for our next Greek island trip if we can’t find a direct flight.


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