Day 6 – Sunday 28th – The day we were almost extras in a yoga video

We headed out for breakfast at a yellow restaurant on the Kamari boardwalk. It was one of the only ones with a varied breakfast menu and I really fancied some pancakes. Afterward we planned to head to Emporio and find the windmills although this was more challenging than it needed to be so we gave up and explored some random lanes and a few little supermarkets before heading towards Fira. We gave it another go but it still wasn’t our favourite place, although we found a quiet little gyro stand for lunch. Lucky’s had queues out of the door so we headed to a small place in the shade which had really tasty food, but the pork was a little bit fatty.


There were no real plans today so we attempted a paddle in the sea back at Kamari, this wasn’t too successful as the sand and rocks were trying to either melt my feet or bash them up! We decided to climb Skaros Rock for sunset views so drove back to Imerovigli and had dinner at the same place as before. The food wasn’t as good second time around unfortunately. The hike wasn’t very challenging, very easy to start with although it got rockier towards the end. There was a man filming a yoga video along the way which was interesting, the backdrop was definitely perfect! We couldn’t get on the very top of the rock without scaling some vertical rocks so found a little perch to have our own private sunset. Skaros rock is a great place to see the views of the caldera lit up from the other side too, it was cool watching everything light up for the evening.

After gazing at the scenery a while we made the stroll back before it got too dark, and headed back to our favourite waffle spot in Kamari for treats before bed.

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