Day 3 – Thursday 25th – Sleepy cats, sunsets and scenic routes

Due to having the doors and shutters closed from the road noise we somehow snoozed through breakfast. This was OK though as today we were able to switch to a much better room, double the size with a nice peaceful courtyard view. Everything about the room was much better, except for that pesky shower curtain which had unfortunately followed us. Our plan was to find a Greek bakery for breakfast, but we instead found ourselves on the way to Pyrgos. This was a cute little town without too many crowds around, apart from the occasional group of Chinese tourists. The views here were good, and we enjoyed climbing the steps and exploring the various alleyways. From the top there were great views out towards the sea, of whitewashed buildings and the occasional blue dome.

Once we reached the highest point we were treated to the nice cool breeze again. We strolled around, passing several sleepy cats snoozing on the gift items – I think they appreciated the cold smooth surface of the patterned tiles! I had heard great things about Penelope’s so when we spotted it we stopped in for a bit of a makeshift brunch. Feeling very peckish at this point, we ordered fried cheese, tzatziki, tomato balls, meatballs and a plate of fries to share. This also came with a complimentary basket of freshly baked bread. Ordering food on an empty stomach made for an ambitious amount of food, but Chris the pack-it-all-in boyfriend did a good job of finishing the bits I couldn’t manage.

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The food was very good, and it was nice inside, a smallish place that only started to get busy when we were on our way out. We strolled back down towards the car and headed back to the hotel for some afternoon pool time. We spent a few hours there this time, basking in the sun, swimming and me reading my latest book addition; Gone Girl. Unfortunately I was sporting a very trendy sunglasses tan at this point due to my very sensitive eyes meaning I couldn’t last a few minutes without putting them on! We had a hankering for an ice cold drink and had to stroll down to the beachfront as our hotel pool bar was closed.

We ordered some cokes somewhere that advertised free sun beds to paying customers, but he still tried to charge us so we decided to take them down to the water and paddle in the waves. For some reason our pet hate is paying for a sun bed anywhere – paying to sit or lay down just doesn’t make sense to us! It obviously makes sense to most others because the place was packed with beach bums turning every few minutes like rotisserie chickens. Roast until pick on one side, flip and repeat! To each their own I guess. We strolled along the boardwalk for a while before stopping for some gelato.

Tonight we decided to get away from Kamari for dinner, so we got ready and drove to Imerovigli to watch the sunset and see the caldera go from day to night. I had a go at being chief navigator with the new map and successfully got us there and round us a centrally located car park. We strolled around for a while, zig zagging between hotels, restaurants and apartments. There were little gift shops tucked in various nooks and crannies. I really liked it here and got a bit snap happy with my camera again. Everywhere was so photogenic with postcard views. After our rambling we realised we had strolled all the way back to where we started.

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By this time it was only an hour until sunset time (it set around 8.40pm in late june/early july) so we needed to pick somewhere for dinner. We chose Spiliotica café which had lovely views of the sunset and of Oia. The menus were quite limited, I had a fruity mocktail and Chris went for one of the Donkey beers. I had a savoury crepe jammed full of ham, cheese, tomato, mushrooms and bacon. Chris went for his usual exotic option; the burger! My crepe was huge and far better tasting than I expected. Chris didn’t rate his burger too much, but it was quite a cheap place to eat considering the location.

We decided to be fatties and share the dessert crepe. I wasn’t sure if it was frowned upon to eat a savoury followed by a sweet crepe! We went a little wild and ordered one stuffed with milk chocolate, white chocolate and crushed Oreos. Along with some diet cokes this finished off the meal perfectly, it was to die for and I tried not to think about the calories. The sun was setting behind us in all sorts of pretty shades, it was so serene and peaceful here unlike the zoo in other parts of the island. We strolled a little more to see the caldera light up and headed back to the car, stopping in a supermarket on the way for nibbles and water for our room.

The return drive went a little wrong for us, it was dark by now and we were chattering away not looking at a map and somehow zoomed right past the road to Kamari and ended up taking in the delights of Megalochori and surrounds by night! I am sure its a lovely place but at that hour we could only make out the occasional church and supermarket. After giving in and turning on roaming for Google maps we were back on our way to Kamari through Pyrgos.

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