Day 8 – Tuesday 7th April – Colourful, Cyclist Filled Copenhagen

Luckily for us, we woke up relatively close to European breakfast time. It was chilly and a little cloudy but we headed out to make the most of our single day in the city. Copenahgen is compact and easy to get around on foot so we headed down to the Nyhavn area first. This is the first image one gets when they think of Copenhagen, usually the first thing that appears on a Google Search or on a postcard.

It is only a small strip but very photogenic and worth seeing. As it was still early the skies were grey so we took a little stroll around town, to see the same streets from yesterday in daylight and explore the city a little more. There are cyclists everywhere, as to be expected! We had heard good things about the Danish hot dog stands so we stopped at one on the way for an impromptu breakfast.

They were very tasty and the addition of jalapenos was very good! We didn’t have much planned other than to take in the city and get some exercise. All of the buildings have the Scandinavian style, very pretty and rather colourful. There was some quirky art around too, including a wall which was made up of black bricks, that you could flip over to reveal brightly coloured bricks – lots of the local kids used to write big messages on here that stood out vividly against the remaining black background.12I was restrained with the shopping, only picking up a few trinkets to take home. It was still cold but that didn’t stop us making an ice cream stop at 7eleven for some fro-yo. It wasn’t a patch on Vegas though! I had to explore a local supermarket too because I love picking up foreign foods on my travels. Afterward we headed back to Nyhavn via some narrow lanes and walking through a picturesque park full of yummy mummies.

Neither of us are fans of seafood which made food choices in Nyhavn quite limited. We wanted to eat at one of the colourful restaurants on the strip, and found one with a few non-fish items. I settled for a club sandwich and Chris his usual burger. They were average tasting but the views and atmosphere made up for it. I liked their idea of keeping blankets on all of the chairs to wrap around you as it often got chilly, but meant you could still sit outside and take it all in.

Once we finished up our late lunch, we only had a short while before needing to leave for the airport. It was chilly and we we’re starting to feel tired, so we headed back to the hotel lounge area to eat some ice creams and catch up on some English TV. Our jaunt back to the airport on the express train was painless and the flight home passed by without excitement, except for Chris leaving the Duty Free gifts we had bought for everyone on the plane! The second time in one trip he had left items on the plane. And no, we didn’t get them back this time!3



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