Day 7 –Monday 6th April – Wake Up in Vegas, Sleep in Copenhagen

Our final day came around very quickly, we checked out and headed to the Monte Carlo café to use our final round of resort credit and have a hearty breakfast. We found a wild bill too which we found quite funny! After seven days of eating like a beast I went for the ‘safe’ option of oatmeal, but this didn’t stop me drowning it in syrup and all of the unhealthy toppings! Just was we left Monte Carlo we noticed they were installing a few new machines including The Flintstones. Typical!

As we had until 1pm to leave, we stored our cases and ventured across to the Excalibur. This hotel is a nostalgic one for us as it was where we came for our very first trip to Vegas, and before I was even old enough to gamble. I still maintain that the room we had here was much more modern and nicer than the Monte Carlo room. Despite all the hate it gets, the hotel part of the Excalibur I don’t find is that bad, though admittedly we weren’t in the most basic room. The casino is showing a bit more wear and tear.

We had a little stroll around to see what had changed over the years, and picked up one of their notoriously cheap Strawberry Daiquiri’s from the cocktail waitress. They still taste like 2007 to me!

Our main agenda for the little jaunt across though was for Yogurtland! I do seem to have quite an addiction to these frozen yoghurt places. Our server there was also miserable, I’m not sure what it is with miserable people working in dessert parlours, is it because the ice cream is sweet enough? On our way out I spied a row of Paradise Fishing slot machines and couldn’t resist donating one last time.1.jpgTime had ran away from us so there was just time for a brief explore of NYNY before heading to the airport. Our flight back was via Arizona, and we were spending a day in Copenhagen on the way home. The longest leg was a night flight so we slept like babies most of the way through. You really do notice the difference when you’re lucky enough to have a lay flat bed! You don’t get to experience it quite the same when mostly sleeping, but it was still great.

Our arrival into Copenhagen was in the evening, so we regretted snoozing too much on the plane. We were staying at the Wake Up Borgergade hotel, quite a modern but minimalist place within walking distance of everything. We took the airport express train and somehow got lost navigating to our hotel in the dark whilst wrestling with our luggage. Luckily, everyone speaks English great and we had a few people come up to us and give us directions.

We checked in, and seeing as we were wide awake headed out for a walk around. The temperature was noticeably different here than back in Las Vegas and we wished we had packed some heavier layers! Our hotel was a funky little place, kind of similar to a pod hotel. Very shiny, modern and IKEA-ey. One thing to note was the completely see through shower right next to the bed, bare this in mind if booking with a guest you wouldn’t be too comfortable showering naked in front of!

I wanted to see Tivoli Gardens and we had a little while longer before it closed for the evening. Unfortunately we got a little lost along the way and arrived just as it was stopping to let people enter, so we made plan B and took a random stroll through the pretty streets looking at the beautiful buildings lit up. For a Monday evening the town was bustling and it somehow felt Christmassy with the fairy lights dotted around us.

Due to the time most restaurants had started closing, so we headed back to the hotel, stopping off at a little place called ‘Pizza Huset’ which caught our eye with it’s neon sign. We took our pizza back to the room to eat on our tiny bed, it wasn’t the best in the world but was still pretty good, and it was at least made in a pizza oven. We couldn’t sleep as it didn’t feel like bedtime, so we watched some random TV for a while before forcing ourselves to get some shut eye so we could make the most of our day in Copenhagen tomorrow.2.jpg


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