Day 6 – Sunday 5th April – Brunching at The Border Grill

Our last full day in town started off with a frenzy of last minute shopping. I decided I could definitely squeeze some more into the new suitcase! I had heard people talking about Ross before, but had never ventured into one. It sounded like relative of TK Maxx. It was just across the street from us so we headed over in search of new sandals for me, and potentially some other bargains. Wow – I wasn’t expecting so much carnage, it was like entering a British shopping mall on Boxing Day! I guess it was Easter Sunday.

There were discarded clothes all over the floor and there was no order to the place! Thankfully the shoe section was a bit more chilled and they had several pairs of Steve Madden sandals, which I love. We picked up a few more items on our way before Chris had to steer me out of there. We dashed back over to drop the bags off before hopping on the tram down to Mandalay Bay for our bunch at the Border Grill.

This meal was one of the food highlights of our trip, although that was made somewhat easier by our dodgy dining choices! The setting there is lovely and our table looked out onto the pool area, although they were fake, the sound of the waves crashing outside was a nice relaxing touch! We were temporarily transported from the Las Vegas strip to somewhere else! It smelled really good in there too.

Chris and I went hog wild in here, trying most things; banana crepes, papaya empanadas, red velvet pancakes, steak and eggs with guacamole, quesadillas, churros, fries with crispy pork and scrambled eggs, French toast with maple topping, fried chicken with mango relish, and lots more. Everything was just delicious and the staff were very attentive and constantly bringing out more. Their menu changes quite frequently and they put some interesting flavour combinations together. This is a must do experience if in Las Vegas on a weekend.12After eating our body weight in wonderful food, we decided to walk from Mandalay Bay to the Las Vegas sign to see it in daylight, and hopefully burn off at least a few of the calories we’d eaten. As I always tend to do, we detoured through the Four Seasons hotel to admire the inside, and stop off at one of the nicest public bathrooms in Las Vegas. Every time I have passed through here there has always been a wedding going on too.

The sign was busy as always, and now someone unofficial seems to be offering to take photos of you for tips. This did at least mean people were queuing properly which often isn’t the case. There were naturally a few people who were completely oblivious though. We tipped the guy and got a few photos of us together and headed off on our way. On our return we wondered on the other side of the strip, and decided to scare our parents back home by taking a selfie of us outside a wedding chapel. They didn’t fall for it though, we weren’t exactly dressed for the occasion!

We decided to check out the Tropicana as I hadn’t been there since it had been jazzed up a little. I found a Triple Cheeseburger Deluxe machine and got very lucky, hitting my biggest bonus of the week. I had seen this slot on youtube and the bonus looked great fun, building your burger to win more money! I didn’t see many of these machines around the rest of the strip though. I also got big job envy in here when the Virgin Atlantic air stewardesses checked in. Sometimes I wish I could pack in my career and do that job!

After my little win we carried on our way via the Hawaiian Marketplace, and suddenly we had a craving for frozen yogurt. Knowing that the Palms had one, combined with wanting to explore off the strip, we picked up a shuttle from Fashion Show Mall to go and check it out. The shuttle process wasn’t ideal, we just missed one and then had to change at another hotel on the way, but eventually we arrived.345We were somewhat underwhelmed as the flavour selection was poor, so we held off and had a little gamble instead. I did expect this hotel to be a bit more fun as I thought it was a trendier place, so we didn’t stay long and stopped at the Orleans on our return. This place was a bit more fun, there was some kind of vintage convention going on with lots of girls dressed in Rockabilly style. We had to wait here for our return shuttle anyway so we strolled around the casino and watched a big tournament game going on.

Once back at Fashion Show Mall we dashed across to Mirage to cure the fro-yo craving. Blizz was just as I remembered it from previous trips; I love their peanut butter sauce! We got sucked in by the hangover and family guy slots again, I did fairly well with the hangover but Stewie took me for everything I had shortly after. I quite like the Treasure Island and Mirage casinos, their cocktail waitresses were much more present and thrusting drinks into our hands in no time.

Chris had been on about The Cheesecake Factory for the entire trip. I like their cheesecake but the novelty of the food has worn off for me and the portions are just insane, but I let him have his way. Originally we planned to eat somewhere upscale for our last evening but we just fancied something a bit more casual and low key so it made sense. I wished I was more persistent in my desire for In N Out Burger!

I ordered my favourite pasta from there and Chris went for his standard choice; the burger. Our table neighbours were amusing as they seemed much more interested in what we were eating and talking about than their own conversations. We were surprised and kind of impressed that they had ordered more food than one could fit on a table! I didn’t have room for cheesecake which always seems to happen.

Afterwards we have to walk past Bath & Body Works to get out of the forum shops, which I knew was never going to happen. I had a small spree in there and was then ushered away into the casino. Our last evening was just casino hopping our way back up the strip, gambling away our remaining dollars. We didn’t win big or lose big which helped us even out across the evening. We ended our final night with a bit of a buzz from all the free cocktails, the perfect way to end our final evening!


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