Day 5 – Saturday 4th April – The Family Guy Slot Discovery

Saturday was our least productive day of the trip. We started out lazily packing away some of our (okay, my) purchases as the room looked like something had exploded in there. We ended up grabbing a slightly unorthodox breakfast of fun flavoured ice cream at the BLVD Creamery, finally using another chunk of our resort credit. They did have an innovative flavour selection, but the staff would benefit from painting a smile on their faces, they didn’t look to happy to be there!

The afternoon passed away in a bit of a whirl as we walked up and down the strip without much of a plan, casino hopping on our way. We explored the Venetian and Palazzo casino and shoppes, getting majorly distracted by some Family Guy slot machines. These were the kindest machines to me of the whole trip, but I got cocky and started max-betting and it went downhill quickly from there. I try to look upon it as paying for entertainment though, as those bonuses had me giggling!

Along the way we had a browse of Miracle Mile and yet more slots in the Planet Hollywood casino. We couldn’t resist a lunch stop at Earl of Sandwich for lunch, I really wish that chain would come to England. They need to expand the seating area there though; it always seems to be packed full when we drop by. I was disappointed to see they had taken my trusty favourite (the jerk chicken) off the menu but you can’t really go wrong so I gambled on something new.1.jpgBellies full, we headed back to the Monte Carlo pool area on the tram to soak up some more sunshine and relax in the lazy river. It was still party central, and the wave pool was especially full but we just joined in, bopping to the tunes whilst the waves threw us around. I always assumed the Monte Carlo pool area was a lot bigger than it actually is, but it was a nice bonus to have it there for some chill time when we weren’t sprinting about the place!

For some ridiculous reason, I decided that I needed to take Chris to the Wicked Spoon Buffet. His last trip the most high end of buffet choices was the Wynn and I felt he needed to experience a good buffet to cancel out the dodgy ones we’d visited so far. It was a toss up between this and Bacchanal, but as I love the Cosmopolitan we came here. I don’t know why I eschewed another decent restaurant possibility for another quantity over quality experience, perhaps it was too much sun?

Luckily for us there were no queues and we were seated right away. My last visit to the Wicked Spoon was a disappointing one and I wanted to give it one final shot in the hope it had improved over the past three years. It was OK, better than the other buffets but for the price we could have gone somewhere better. Some items were tasty, the fried chicken and Mexican options were good. However these are generally cheap foods so we didn’t get much value for money there!

The pastas, meats and Indian foods were a mixed bag, not that we expect to find much decent Indian food abroad, I think we’re spoilt for choice on this at home. The dessert station was most disappointing though; they looked incredible but were definitely style over substance. Most things either lacked flavour or tasted the same as everything else, just sweet and sugary. I should have known better on this, so this is a definitely a note to self for future trips – no buffets in future except one trip to Bacchanal as I really enjoyed their food.

I spied some more Paradise Fishing slots in the Cosmo afterward, so we stopped to play a while longer – I definitely spent more than double my gambling budget today. Interactive machines are so much more of a game that I easily get carried away, I guess that was their idea! We stopped back in at the lucky cat again, they told me ‘Five is your lucky number’. Nothing particularly exciting there and no prizes!2.jpg


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