Day 4 – Friday 3rd April – Dodgy Food Choices and Downtown Shenanigans

I woke up at 7am, still feeling full! I clearly needed to condition myself ahead of time for all of this eating! We had a MyVegas coupon for the Mandalay Bay breakfast buffet that could only be used today. On second thoughts I wish we had sacrificed it, we weren’t really feeling it but for some reason we headed along anyway. The whole MyVegas experience was very much quality over quantity (at least with our choices, which were poor) but we were hoping they couldn’t really screw up a breakfast.

We took the shuttle down to a huge queue, presumably because it was Easter Friday, and once I was inside I had some serious déjà vu! I had been here before, possibly on one of my first trips 7 years ago, and nothing had changed. We were seated next to a table of 6 delightful children who were basically climbing on our table. Their parents were again more interested in gossiping with each other than watching over them.

I remembered not liking this buffet the first time around, but I didn’t realise it was the Mandalay Bay. Even Chris didn’t go wild on the food here, which shows the quality was just bad! The selection was small, and the food had more grease than it did flavour. We definitely wont get wrapped up in the allure of MyVegas next time!

Afterward we had a spot of slot time, Avatar wasn’t kind to me. We planned to visit the Monte Carlo pool but it was still mostly in the shade so we canned that idea, and took the tram down to Bellagio to see the conservatory in daylight. I really enjoyed this theme, very colourful and floral. We meandered around without too much of a plan, we had done most of the sights before on previous trips. I finally found a Paradise Fishing slot inside the Margharitaville casino.

Chris was in the mood for a mid-day slushie so we went to Purple Zebra in the Linq promenade to get a silly cup and fill it with a mix of flavours. We sampled them on our way around too, they were tasty but not particularly strong.

By now the sun had came out, so we strolled back up the strip stopping at the new Bally’s shops that were half open. I tried a free sample of some crazy neon tie-dye looking ice cream which was apparently cotton candy flavoured. It was nice but I dread to think what goes into it to make it that neon!

Today we had no real plan, there were no major ‘must sees’ on our list, this trip was more about eating, shopping, just taking some time out of our manic work schedules. This is one of the main reasons I am disappointed in myself for not taking advantage of the great dining opportunities! We strolled along across the various bridges, people watching on our way until we made it back to our hotel to get changed for the pool.

The sun was still shining and we spent a few hours basking at the pool and relaxing in the lazy river. A short while after it became very Spring Break-y with some ‘busting tunes’ and a ‘booty shaking’ contest! This made me feel a little old! We were like flies on the wall for a while just watching the happenings around us, before heading in to get ready for dinner.1.jpgWe had quite a chunk of resort credit to use (another reason why we didn’t sample all of the restaurants I wanted to) so we headed to the fairly new pizza place ‘100 Degrees’. The pizzas here were kind of a build your own experience, with a subway style ordering system. In retrospect we should have chosen more of a sit down style place and kept this one for lunch. They did have the funky coca cola experience machines so I tried a raspberry diet coke for the first time.

Chris went for the traditional crust which was delicious and freshly made, whilst I chose the thin one which was less appetising, kind of like a slightly stale tortilla wrap. It came out of a packet too – big mistake! It filled a hole and the toppings were nice, but if I went back I would definitely avoid their thin crust offering!

At this point the wind had really picked up so we nipped upstairs to get some jackets and headed to Bellagio to see the fountains. We had seen them many times before but still like to stop by and watch them on each trip. For a different perspective we watched them from the other side, looking out at the strip from the Bellagio. This gave a pretty view of Paris and various neon shapes in the backdrop.

After some serious photo time, we were in need of ice cream. I had read about a place called ‘Ice Pan’ inside Harrah’s where they make your choice of ice cream on a slab in front of you, and it isn’t quite as heavy as regular ice cream. I went for a mango and coconut concoction, which was very good. From here we decided to brave the Deuce and head downtown, somewhere we always like to visit once each trip. We wished we had done this on a car day, the Deuce is painfully slow, but the people watching is does balance it out a little.

Once we arrived I noticed how much Fremont East has livened up since my last trip. I really wanted to finally experience the deep fried Oreos at Mermaids but Chris didn’t like the look of it and there was a giant queue, so we gambled away our pennies instead. They had my old favourite machine ‘Rich Little Piggies’ which I couldn’t resist, and finally I hit a half decent bonus! After my fourth trip to Las Vegas I found myself experiencing the infamous Mermaids bathrooms – definitely a sobering experience!

We mooched around ducking in and out of the retro casinos clutching our tubs of change. Something about Fremont Street is always fun, it’s a bit more raw and edgy which makes a nice contrast from the strip. Also the cocktail waitresses were asking for your drink order before you’d even found a machine and sat down, the opposite to what we had experienced on the strip so far, they had been practically invisible!

Downtown is always loud and the proportion of drunk people seems to be higher, I am not sure if it’s due to there being so many revellers in a smaller space or the cheap drink prices, but everyone was dancing to their own song! We weren’t really feeling a drinking night though so after absorbing the atmosphere for a while we headed to the bus stop. The return journey on the Deuce had it’s fair share of ‘Zoo Creatures’ to entertain us whilst it crawled along the strip back up to the Monte Carlo!2.jpg


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