Day 3 – Thursday 2nd April – Bargains, Bad Buffets & Bellagio

We woke at around 8am this morning and had a light breakfast in bed. Fruit loops and American TV, perfect! We decided to venture out to Walmart and Michaels for snacks to take home and to check out the baking supplies. I restrained myself in Walmart somewhat but we were surprised how much Easter themed candy there was. At home we usually get the standard chocolate eggs but we couldn’t believe all the Reese’s bunny’s and egg-shaped everything. This is where my love affair with ‘Peeps’ began.

I stocked up on some baking supplies for my hobby, the selection here is always better than we get at home, thanks to silly rules on colourings meaning our sprinkles are about as bright as a marshmallow. A nice lady even donated me a coupon to get some discount. Every time we visit a Walmart we are in awe of the size of some things, the huge mayonnaise tubs, buckets of ice cream and pillow sized boxes of cereal were just insane!

Our plan was to find ‘Bahama Breeze’ and bring back memories of Hawaii with some shave ice, but we were too early. Chris suggested a trip to Fashion Show Mall (which never happens), so I jumped at the chance. I did a spot of shopping at Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21, and we headed on to Aria where we had another MyVegas reward to use at their buffet.

Looking back on it, I wished I hadn’t used MyVegas, or at least I wished I had used the rewards on something other than food. Our trip was relatively short and I got all excited around the idea of earning these free meals, but in reality I wished we had actually dined at the better places I had researched, and used those tokens on free game play or something else. We also found they were restricting as you couldn’t just freely eat where and when you wanted, especially with our short time, we had to plan to detour out of our way to make use of the vouchers.

As it was Easter weekend, we only had today to use this voucher so it was a bit of a mad dash down there. Thankfully there was no queue so we didn’t waste lots of time getting in. The buffet was OK, but as we had unintentionally clashed with the changeover time they were running out of options and they weren’t refilling dishes. I have visited other buffets in the past and they often had an overlap, but Aria seemed to do the opposite and had quite a barren offering!

The spaghetti and meatballs, tandoori chicken and the cinnamon bread pudding were all very good but the rest of the options were quite tasteless, and the other desserts had no flavour. I have eaten at Harrah’s buffet in the past and would actually rate that above Aria’s, so we weren’t impressed! We did stuff ourselves full of the good stuff (and sampling the bad stuff), so still managed to waddle out of there regretting our willpower.

Chris was in need of a new suitcase and we really didn’t fancy picking one up without the car, so we had a mad dash down to the North Outlet to pick up one we spotted yesterday. We both got distracted in Calvin Klein before making it back out and deciding we had to leave! We went back to the hotel to have a brief rest and try and pack away our purchases so far.1.jpgThis evening we had to return the car, and it was at this point I knew we should have kept it for the duration. I enjoyed getting off strip and having the independence to zip wherever we needed, I wasn’t looking forward to the Deuce but at least the walking would start to balance out the food we were eating.

Our drop off spot was at the Encore so we had a jaunt around the casinos at Encore and Wynn, they had a few funky displays up for Easter including some uber-shiny tulips and a floral carousel which I really liked. Having never been to Vegas this early in the year I was quite chilly and regretted not bringing a jacket. From here we ventured across to the Linq and Cromwell areas which were new to both of us, the promenade here was a funky place and I was thrilled that a Sprinkles had finally made it to Las Vegas.

Bellagio was next on our agenda, where we gambled away $60 fairly quickly in exchange for a single strawberry daiquiri. Not a great deal! The ‘True Blood’ machines robbed me completely, and I was struggling to find my favourite machine from 2012, ‘Paradise Fishing’. We liked the convenience of the tram from here to the Monte Carlo and found ourselves passing through here fairly often. The Bellagio Conservatory looked colourful with it’s spring theme, although we couldn’t see too much detail in the dark. It had gotten really windy and we were increasingly tired, so we admitted defeat and headed to bed.2.jpg


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