Day 1 – Tuesday 31st March – The Scenic Route to Las Vegas!

We got a steal of a deal to fly to Vegas (admittedly on a slightly unconventional routing) over the Easter holiday in business class with British Airways. There were crazy winds in London which caused a host of big delays, including our incoming flight from Dublin and turned the airport into a shambles. To add to this, Chris had managed to abandon his bag on the previous plane, full of Go Pro equipment, and not realise this until we were in the midst of clearing security!

I then had the noble task of hauling two suitcases and a handbag to our gate when the flight was already basically closing. It had already been delayed waiting for over 100 passengers from a Manchester connection which worked in our favour. Naturally the gate had to be located in the furthest corner of the airport for good measure! I went through the gate not sure at that point if I was headed away for a cheeky trip to Vegas solo.

A few minutes later (although it felt like a month of Sunday’s) along came an out of breath boyfriend. The flight had stayed open for an extra few minutes for him and thankfully he made it on time, despite knocking a recycling bin flying on his route! This tickled me although I felt bad for the poor person cleaning that mess up after him!

The lost property team were absolutely fabulous and after a frantic wait outside the plane doors they delivered the bag at the last minute. On the plane we were seated in 14A & 14B, facing each other. It was a bit of a “first world problem” deciding between facing seats and one of us getting a window, or two seats next to each other but buried in the middle.

I enjoyed my window spot as I had a private little corner with a few windows to myself and the toilet wall closing me off from the rest of the world. I thought the proximity to the toilets might be bothersome but they were no problem and quite convenient to have nearby meaning I didn’t have to disturb anyone to get in and out. It was a very quick dash to the galley stuffed with snacks too which was obviously a bonus!1.jpgThe flight was enjoyable and the seven hours (to New York) passed as a blur of sleeping, eating, reading and talking. The food was definitely a world away from standard plane fare, the steak was very good and the dessert was amazing. The galley was packed full of chocolates, ice cream, crisps, drinks and sandwiches, and there was an afternoon tea one hour before landing.

There were no crazy passenger stories this time around, with the exception of the man opposite us who managed to send his champagne flying in the air, soaking himself and his children and spraying Chris and I a fair bit in the process. We didn’t get an apology and he sat there grumbling to himself with a soaking wet leg. Silly fool!

Despite the crazy winds the flight was smooth and the landing incredibly so – it felt very strange to be landing sat backwards though! Due to the first delay this became a domino effect and we sprinted through JFK to change terminals, with people sending us to the front of the security queues upon seeing our red faces. At this point I was wishing we had flown direct and paid double the fare!

Once on board the third flight we had an interesting neighbour this time. A voluptuous and rather drunken lady was singing away to herself like she was the only soul on the plane! Time to break out those ear plugs! We didn’t expect much for food on this shorter flight but the teriyaki beef was especially yummy. After a short doze the hostess bought around a tumbler glass with two scoops of the most amazing cookie ice cream I have ever had! It was amazing and enough reason to fly that route again soon!

Before long we were landing to the sound of slot machines tinkering away. It felt good to be back after three years for me, and a whopping seven years for Chris. We took the shuttle to collect our rental car at Hertz as we were excited to delve off the strip a bit more this trip. We had a GPS included which made it foolproof! We took the opportunity of stopping at the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign on our way in, after passing a nasty looking accident with a minivan on it’s side we pulled up at the parking lot.2It was a little busy here but not manic like it often is in daytime. After all of the flying I opted out of getting my face in the shot with the sign! We took in the lights for a little while and decided to cruise up and down the strip in our car, something we’d never done in Vegas before. Yes it was traffic central, but it helped us in our quest to beat the jet lag and stay up until midnight. It was fun to explore it from a different perspective and indulge in some people watching along the way. Vegas is the best for that!

Eventually we made it to Monte Carlo car park (after missing the entrance twice!) and checked in to our room on the 15th floor. Bed was calling us at this time but we persevered and explored the casino floor for a bit, donating some money to the ‘Bridesmaids’ slot machine. Chris also lost his money quite fast so we headed back to the room via the food court as somehow after all the food consumed today, Chris still needed some pizza!

Our room was rather dated – being honest, the rooms we’ve had previously in Excalibur, Flamingo and as one would expect, Planet Hollywood have all been more modern and generally better. The bedding was faded and brown, which seemed to be the theme for the room, but we didn’t care too much as planned to be out exploring most of the time. We slept like babies!


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