Day 8 – Saturday 6th December: Last Minute Shopping & A Suitcase Struggle

By this point in the trip I had gotten rather slack with writing up my trip notes, mostly as we had done the key things we planned to do, so often just wondered around the city enjoying happening upon things here and there. This was our final full day before our exit to the airport at an antisocial hour. We headed back to the holiday markets just to enjoy mooching about in them for one last time, and loaded up on a few last souvenirs to take back with us, not forgetting a few bags of peanut butter m&m’s.

As we were right nearby Big Daddy’s diner we settled in there for a bit of a brunch and to warm up our cold fingers. The wifi was a nice little bonus and we checked in for the flight and spent a little while playing with our iStuff. We rather liked this place and the décor inside was fun, it was a good stop off for us whilst venturing from A to B.


Afterward we spent the remainder of the day without much of a plan, just soaking in the city at a slower pace. The trip started out a mad dash here, there and everywhere and by the end we were just meandering around, people watching and taking it all in. We returned to the room with a Chinese takeaway from nearby whilst we began the arduous process of packing out suitcases.

It became apparent I had bought rather a lot when I had to sit on my suitcase and have Amy help me stuff excess things into the sides just to get it closed. It’s also a rather enormous suitcase to begin with! Once we finally completed the mission we relaxed in the room for an early night as we were leaving pre-4am for our taxi to JFK.

Overall it was a great trip and interesting to see the city in the lead up to Christmas, very different from my previous flying visits in summer time. If I return in the future I will definitely twin it with a return visit to Niagara Falls and throw in some day trips or activities, I’d love to try a pizza making or other cooking class in the city and explore away from the centre of Manhattan a bit more.


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