Day 7 – Friday 5th December: Meatball Disasters & Meandering in Brooklyn

This morning was another Froot Loops in bed whilst watching the news experience. We had a lazier morning and headed out around 10ish to Greenwich Village. I couldn’t resist the sweets at Sockerbit and we had a nose around Bleecker and Greenwich streets. I had noted down a lot of restaurants in this area but not a whole lot of sights. I managed to avoid the macaron stores and instead picked up a giant m&m cookie to take home to my boyfriend.

Bantam Bagels was nearby and I wanted to try some of the mini filled bagels. They have a weird card-only policy, which I have never known a restaurant/food place to have before! They let me get a few and pay with the tip jar instead. They didn’t have most of the flavours I saw online, I tried the pizza one which was good, but the vegetable one was quite flavourless.

From here we headed back to the Lower East Side for a mooch around. I picked up a peanut butter doughnut at Doughnut Plant and Amy got more dairy free treats at Babycakes. We sure had a bit of a sugar overload on this trip! We had no real plans this afternoon so explored on foot, stopping at The Meatball Shop for some lunch. This experience was a bit of a disaster and may even beat Ellen’s for the worst meal experience!

We placed our order, Amy clearly mentioned she couldn’t eat any dairy, and I filled out my order (all done on a paper sheet with a pencil). When the food came we were given additional meatballs to what we ordered and made to pay for them (despite me not eating it as I didn’t like the flavour I was given). Amy’s came with cheese on top so we asked them to fix this and were met with attitude. The girl looked at Amy and half spoke-half shouted “For real?!” – we weren’t too impressed!

Needless to say they fixed this, and she was about to tuck in when the manager ran out and said, “Excuse me, but how serious is your allergy, because we have cheese and dairy in the meatballs!” We had already asked this at the beginning and told it was fine by two staff members – they should really know what goes into their food!

By this point I had already got my order in front of me so I had to sit there and eat that whilst Amy waited! I wish I had some balls to just get up and leave but I hate confrontation! The food wasn’t as good as I’d expected – the sauces were tasty but the meatballs had nothing on the ones I’d had at the market previously. I ate as fast as I could and took my friend around the corner to Katz deli for a pastrami sandwich!

Finally after that disastrous meal situation was out of the way we headed to Vivi Bubble Tea for a strawberry slush, which was amazing. At this point we were rather frozen after meandering around in less than stellar weather and fuelling up on frozen drinks, so it was back to the room for a bit of chill out and warm up time.

The plan was either to make the pilgrimage out to Dyker Heights to see the lights or explore a bit of Brooklyn in the evening. As I’d read conflicting reports regarding how many lights would be on display this early in December we decided to explore Brooklyn instead. It was ‘British Weather’, with the fine drizzly rain that manages to soak you without you realizing, so the trip was a rather brisk walk around and we probably would have gotten more out of it if we’d ventured over in daylight.

It was interesting to see the area, and we enjoyed walking around Jane’s Carousel which appeared to be having a private event, potentially a wedding reception, going on inside. We debated stopping for food here but weren’t hungry yet so decided to stroll back along Brooklyn Bridge. It was cool gazing at the skyline lit up from here, and watching the yellow taxi’s whizzing by beneath us. We walked to the subway on the other side and hopped on the subway for some dinner at Scotty’s Diner.

This place sounded quite interesting as I’d read it was a bit of an old school style American diner, with a gigantic menu to boot. Both of which were correct, it was a quirky place and it felt like we’d travelled back in time a bit when we stepped inside. The waiter was quite an odd guy but he did make us laugh. The portions were insane; food was good, not great but definitely large portions for the prices. It’s also worth nothing they’re open 24 hours, in case you have a craving for something specific at 4am, there is a high chance it’s on the menu at Scotty’s.

Tummies stuffed we had a little walk around before subwaying back to Chinatown to watch a cheesy American film and lull us off to sleep.

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