Day 5 – Wednesday 3rd December: The Genitalia Rock Climb Adventure

This morning we both woke up slightly later, and after breakfast in bed we headed to Macy’s for a browse. Nothing caught our eye so instead we explored the shops around 34th and Broadway – lots of high street style shops so healthier on the budget! We passed a K-mart and decided to venture in to see if there was any funky food we could pick up. Wow, it was interesting in here – some strange sights to say the least! It reminded me a bit of the pound shops at home, I did pick up a few snacks but swiftly got in and out as quick as I could!

Over the round I bought a cookie at the 7eleven. It was a standard cookie with pink frosting and sprinkles, probably mass produced and nothing special but it was a-maz-ing! I scoured hundreds of 7elevens afterward hoping to find another but nowhere else seemed to sell them. I must find out what this cookie was so I can find one on my next trip!

By now we were in need of yet more food, and ended up heading in search of Ess-a-bagel for another food to cross off of the list. I went for an “everything” bagel with scallion cream cheese and cucumber, which I munched far too fast and didn’t even get a photo. We had a mooch around the nearby shops and then had to detour back to the hotel to drop off this mornings purchases.

The weather was doing well so we decided to take a walk to the Lower East Side so that Amy could check out a dairy free bakery I’d found called “Babycakes”. We sat in while she munched on a couple of things, all looked and smelled very good, and I was told tasted amazing, but I didn’t sample anything as I planned to check out another bakery nearby. We found Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery and I opted for a strawberry cake with peanut butter frosting. I have to say I was disappointed – the frosting was nice enough but the cake itself was very dry.

The rain had made yet another appearance so back to the hotel we went to change shoes and pause while we contemplated our next move. Jabbering away to each other we didn’t realize we had rudely interrupted the maid and given her a bit of a fright! We decided to leave her to it and head down to the lobby to have a bit of a wifi break where the signal was stronger.

1 2

Up to date with the news back home, we got swiftly changed and headed out to go to the Sex Museum. We fancied an indoor activity and kept seeing adverts for the “Funland” exhibition on the subway so decided to give it a go. On our way we stopped off at a gift shop called “Memories” where the friendly guy gave us heaps of free stickers because he loved our accent. We both bought a bunch of magnets and stereotypical NYC souvenirs!

The Sex Museum was interesting, and some parts were rather graphic! The Funland exhibit was the most interesting part, it was all quite interactive and we had good fun – it was good to be able to mess around without our big coats and scarves on too! One part was a maze where you had to find certain “parts” shall we say, another was a funfair style race game where you had to race a gold penis to the finish line against your partner (I won!), there was also a giant bouncing castle of, you guessed it, breasts!

Amy managed to get a bunch of not so attractive photos of me flying across breasts of varying colours and sizes! The last interactive game was a rock climbing wall with a twist. Yep – each “rock” was actually an anatomic part! Amy didn’t fancy doing the climb due to her dodgy knee so I had the pleasure, which she found highly amusing when I got stuck and hung off a colourful anus whilst debating my next move!

Finally after several tries I managed to complete the rock climbing wall and we ventured back downstairs. There was a large, well stocked gift shop here along with a cocktail bar if you wanted to hang around. All toasty warm we were ready to head off somewhere else and then to find ourselves some food. We started walking aimlessly before deciding to treat ourselves to a cab to get some cover from the rain.

I remembered ABC Home and Fish’s Eddy were nearby so we visited these, although having a blonde moment I didn’t realize ABC Home had other floors until we had left. In Fish’s Eddy I bought a pig bowl (I have a thing about pigs) and a pale blue egg tray for my kitchen. Two impractical gifts to myself for taking back on an aeroplane!

From here we weren’t far from Union Square, and we wanted to try a BBQ place for dinner, so headed in that general direction to find “Uncle Jimmy’s BBQ”. There were a lot of protests going on in the area due to the local news involving policemen, so we gave that a wide berth.

Jimmy’s was a sports bar place, and there was a game of some sort on. We didn’t pay too much attention to the screens as the restaurant was blessed with wifi! Amy and I ordered a platter of BBQ ribs, brisket, sweet potato fries, tater tots and cornbread. I expect it was probably a platter for one person, but it was definitely enough for the both of us. The ribs were a bit disappointing but the brisket was amazing! The waitress was also really good with the allergy issues and made sure only one of us had cornbread as it had dairy in.

By the time we had finished our food our beds were calling us. The only problem with travelling west is feeling sleepy so soon after eating dinner! The thought of sleeping on a full stomach bothers me a bit. We headed back to the hotel distracting ourselves in a store on the way, and collecting some pop tarts to take home with us. The definitely looked more like dessert than breakfast items – chocolate fudge brownie, vanilla cupcake and red velvet flavours!

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