Day 14: 26th Sept – Ice Cream for Breakfast and A Final Jaunt Back to Tokyo

In the morning we headed straight to the station with all of our bags in tow this time. We were early so decided to take refuge in Tully’s coffee for breakfast and a dose of wi-fi. I played it safe with a small ham and egg sandwich but Chris went all out with a plate of apple cinnamon pancakes. I was ordering and the lady asked if I wanted ice cream with them, and I thought why not! So Chris sat there enjoying his pancakes, cream and ice cream for breakfast!

We took the bullet train to Tokyo and sprang for a night in Ueno. We settled on staying at Coco Grand hotel before our flight at a super anti social hour, with the added bonus of breakfast included. This was a great location to connect to the airport super early, and meant we got to explore a different side of Tokyo. The hotel overlooked the Ueno Park area with the lotus pond in full bloom, so we explored at a slower pace with no real plan in mind.


The views were lovely here and it felt worlds away from the Tokyo we visited at the beginning of the trip, it was a nice contrast to end our trip in this part of the city. We explored the Ameyoko market as well, a bustling market along the train tracks selling a bit of everything. I couldn’t find the store selling the many varieties of Kit Kat, but this was probably for the best judging by my luggage weight. I also had to squeeze in one last power dash around Daiso, panic-buying things in case I regretted not snapping them up once I returned home.

We finished the evening with another meal at Kimukatsu. This really was a food highlight for us, something about the layered tonkatsu was just amazing! After our meal, we strolled about for one last time, taking in the sights and smells of Tokyo before our early awakening to return home tomorrow.

Japan had been on my bucket list since I was a teenager and it was amazing to finally get to see the cities I’d daydreamed about. My only regret was not putting together more of a mixed itinerary to see more of what Japan has to offer besides its amazing cities, but this just gives me another excuse for a second trip in the future.2Here is a YouTube video we put together to summarise our trip:


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