Day 13: 25th Sept – A Day of Packing, Pancakes and Purchases

The morning started with another breakfast in the room whilst we attempted to start packing our things away. It became apparent it would be a big struggle to get everything I’d bought home, mostly because I’d done a rather large batch of Christmas shopping.

We decided to spend some time in Umeda today, and when we walked past the Hep Five red ferris wheel we figured we might as well ride it to see how it compared. Again the views weren’t fabulous, mostly of train tracks and nondescript buildings. It could be a bit prettier if it was night time though. After a bit of exploring we found another ‘Loft’ store which we couldn’t pass up. With my lack of willpower (and suitcase space!) I bought yet more stuff including a giant fluffy friend to go with the other one. This time it was grey and white and I visioned it going very well in our other spare room.

Heading back to Namba we had planned to get a picnic lunch and eat at Namba Parks, but it was still raining on and off so we found ourselves exploring a building attached to the JR station. We found ‘Fugetsu’, an okonomiyaki place with an English menu. Turns out it was a small chain which we’d not heard of before. We both ordered the pork, egg and cheese, and Chris decided to throw a portion of noodles into his too. It was so good! Probably better than the Kyoto one for the sheer reason that no sneaky fish crept it’s way in!

The location was far from glamorous and we weren’t sure what to expect at first but it was a fine choice. To follow our lunch, we got some slices of the layered crepe cakes from the supermarket and took them back to the room to finish off all of our packing. It was a painful process but we got there in the end, even Chris had a struggle on his hands to fit everything in (must have been sneakily shopping alongside me the whole time and I didn’t notice!). I had to do the sitting on the suitcase trick several times, which probably explains the odd crushed item once I made it home.

As a reward for this we decided to set out and explore the other side of Namba and stop in at Partyland for more frozen yoghurt. All the eating had slowly caught up with us as we found ourselves with no appetite for dinner. We enjoyed a final stroll around Dotonbori before heading back for a fairly early night, to be ready for the jaunt back to Tokyo tomorrow.



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