Day 12: 24th Sept – Breakfast In Bed Followed by an Evening of Competitive Whack-a-Mole

This morning we decided to grab a casual breakfast from the fresh bakery in the supermarket below our room. I picked us up a selection of things and took them back to Chris for us to eat in bed. It was a nice change and the pastries and breads were all very tasty.

Today we decided to head out to the bay area and ride the giant Tempozan Ferris Wheel. Unfortunately the skies were a bit gloomy, so it wasn’t the best day to go, and the views were less than stunning but we enjoyed it nonetheless. It was interesting walking there from the train as we passed a few local houses and restaurants so it felt a bit suburban, and different to places we’d seen so far.

There is a small mall right by the wheel that we decided to explore, stopping to share some gyoza in the food court. We didn’t fancy the aquarium and there wasn’t a lot else to see in the area so we headed back to Dotonbori in search of Ichiran so we could finally try some decent ramen without any sneaky octopus pieces lurking in the shadows.

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Chris is a bit afraid of soup, so we got a large bowl to share with extra noodles, which I put in a separate bowl for him so he could have a few spoons of soup to use as a sauce. I added a spicy sauce to them, which gave a lovely taste, and made me wish we had made the trip earlier. We explored Shinsaibashi afterward, where I stumbled across a candy shop selling limited edition kitkats for Halloween; Pumpkin Pie flavour! These were another favourite.

After another quick whip around Daiso, we decided to visit the Tokyo Hands nearby. I was much more impressed with the Osaka branch and bought a few more things, including a huge striped stuffed monkey that I thought would be a cute addition to the house! We detoured back to the room to drop off our (mostly my) stuff and catch the sunset from our room again.

It was raining intermittently in the afternoon so we spent a fair bit of the day inside shops; which I obviously enjoyed! We managed to finish our souvenir shopping and decided to find Kimukatsu for dinner. This was a nightmare, between the Japanese address system and the 3 different apps we tried it was impossible to find. When we finally cracked it (after walking by probably 5 times) it had literally just closed, which was early for the night compared to their usual hours, just our luck!

In an indecisive mood we couldn’t decide where to eat, but I clocked the Chinese Café Eight restaurant above a huge H&M and remembered it was supposed to be quite good. We went inside and it is quite bizarre décor compared to most Chinese restaurants I’ve been to, which we found quite amusing with LED lights, pans hanging from the walls and random body parts hanging above our heads!

As was the theme of the trip, we ordered far too much; pork fried rice, spicy noodles, spicy shredded potatoes with chilli and mincemeat, pork gyoza and sweet & sour pork with pineapple. On top of this the portions were giant, so we had a challenge.

Chris was originally a bit dubious about eating there, but everything was good with plenty of flavour, even though we did lose the battle with the food having to leave a bit. Our waiter was a bit unsociable though; we had to try really hard to get him to come to the table.

To walk the food off a bit, we visited another arcade afterward, where I lost terribly at a skiing simulation game but fared a bit better on some of the others. They had a retro whack-a-mole game there too which Chris and I got very competitive over. The Japanese guys in there found it very amusing how seriously we were taking it, arms flailing about in an attempt to beat each other.

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