Day 5: 17th Sept – An Overfeed of Gyoza Followed by a Surprising Hawaiian Dinner

At around 10am we pried ourselves up from the mattress again, and I dragged myself into the shower hoping spraying water in my face would slowly bring me back to life. It seemed to work and we were off in the direction of Harajuku. For once I was permitted to do a bit of shipping without being subjected to “the face” so I had a meander around loading up on various types of things, which I guess some would say still came under the category of “tat”. From there we decided to stroll toward Shibuya, stopping off on the way for some gyoza.

I found what could have been the famous gyoza place but I wasn’t too sure. It was located right by Kiddyland and was some of the best gyoza we had. We both ordered 4 gyoza and some marinated pork to try, somehow the chef forgot to deliver our second portion, so to make it up to us we both got a free side or dessert whilst we waited for him to whip them up. We both decided to sample a different one- one was a raspberry and almond jelly creation and the other a crème brulee ice pudding. Along with this when the gyoza got delivered we had two portions rather than one. So what was intended as a light snack quickly escalated into a full blown lunch.

Everything was delicious though, and they were so friendly and chatty with us that we just felt we had to try and pay for some of the extra food. They kept seeing it as a tip and refusing to take it so we didn’t have much luck. We tried our hardest but accepted it in the end; we didn’t want to insult them by keeping on insisting!


Once in Shibuya we headed back up to Starbucks to see if the view was any better during the day. It was no different but we still enjoyed indulging in a spot of people watching for a while. From here we finally got to visit Loft where I went a little bit wild. Chris even did some shopping here! I spent around £50 and Chris not much less so we did well, and I love all the interesting and unique stuff you can get there. I realised I had peaked and hit my shopping time limit early on so knew I would have to refrain as much as possible for the rest of the day.

There was no real plan for the remainder of the day, so we strolled around for a while longer. I had a little peek inside Shibuya 109 but very quickly decided it was all a bit Hello Kitty-esque for me. We contemplated jaunting across to Ginza so I could make the trip to the Gucci café but it seemed like a bit too much effort. Instead we got distracted by the 7eleven food section and loaded up with yen for the next phase of the trip.

shibuya crossing

In search of some dinner we explored a few side streets but nothing really appealed. We were looking for something local but feeling really indecisive, so when we saw some fairy lights twinkling at us from “L&L’s Hawaiian Café” we took it as a sign and headed there. Last year we went to Hawaii for a holiday and didn’t eat a whole lot of traditional food so it made sense to give it a go.

Regretting not trying it previously I went for the loco moco, but with curry sauce instead of gravy. Chris very predictably got some kind of frenzy of mixed BBQ meats. Both meals came with the traditional macaroni salad and rice. On impulse we threw on some chilli cheese fries but definitely should have swerved these – they were shockingly bad with neon plastic cheese and tasted like they’d just been nuked in a microwave.

After this we had very low expectations for the main courses, but they were actually really good. For such simple food I never expected it to be so full of flavour and was pleasantly surprised. All we needed was an ocean breeze behind us and we could have been transported back, but we just had to settle for a concrete jungle instead! Once we paid I was on a mission to scout out Partyland for their frozen yoghurt but arrived to find a disappointing selection of flavours so decided against it.

After a wonder around the surrounding streets a bit more, we took the subway back to explore Lumine 1 basement food floor in the hope of finding some tasty snacks for the shinkanesen tomorrow. There wasn’t a lot here and the food area seemed a lot smaller than the other department stores, so we found ourselves gracing Family Mart again instead. Back at the hotel we enquired about getting our luggage delivered to Kyoto, but the front desk didn’t think it would be too much trouble taking it with us. Challenge accepted! The rest of the evening was spent packing and chilling out ready for the early morning start.

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