Day 17: Oahu to London: Waving goodbye to Hawaii and hello to British rain…

Far from bright eyed and bushy tailed we pried ourselves out of the bed and headed down to check out just before 4am. We hopped in a taxi to the airport and headed to check-in in our zombie like state. Thankfully it was far more speedy and efficient at this time in the morning and the nice check in lady let me off with my overweight suitcase (I think she was also a fan of my accent).

The security was also pain free, far better than the mess we encountered at Lihue so we sailed through quickly and headed to Burger King to get rid of our last dollars. I wasn’t sure I could stomach such a heavy breakfast yet so decided I would try it cold on the plane later as we had no food for the first flight. By the time Chris was done eating we were boarding in no time. I was so glad I had bought the travel pillow at TJ Maxx as I slept through most of the first flight which is a rarity for me. I woke up an hour for landing and devoured my BK muffin which at that time tasted like the best thing I had ever put in my mouth.

The rest of the flight was fairly uneventful and I continued watching episodes of the Great British Bake Off until we landed at LAX. Terminal 7 was very unexciting except for the Kitson store and we didn’t fancy schlepping around with all our bags. We camped out there for just over 4 hours waiting for our connection and got some of the crazily overpriced sandwiches to keep us going. We settled into our spot like backpackers, munching crisps and reading gossip magazines (me more so than him!) and I was quite cold so pulled out my blanket which Chris found hilarious. Time went by so slowly and eventually we boarded – I really dislike non direct flights but we had no option with the UK-Hawaii route.

The rest of the flight went by as a bit of a blur, the food definitely wasn’t as good as on the way out but it was reasonable enough. We were exhausted when we landed in London to the standard weather for us – drizzle!

Overall, I wish we had snipped some days off of Oahu and pegged them onto Kauai, it really was a paradise island. I was concerned we would run out of things to do and get bored but it certainly wasn’t the case so hopefully we can make it back to visit again one day. There really is a stark contrast between the two islands; on Oahu I missed the secluded beaches and obviously the roosters that are every where on Kauai! Oahu had it’s perks too – great shopping, plenty of food options and once you are out of Waikiki it’s just as gorgeous as Kauai, especially around the Lanikai area and on the north shore. Elements of both islands reminded me of Maine a lot – I’m not sure if its just the style of houses and lots of green!

Below are some Youtube videos of our adventure!




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