Day 16: Oahu: Chris loses some masculinity and I gain my body weight in cereal…

Today I really wanted to try the Cream Pot for breakfast. We had driven past it a few times and knew roughly where it was so decided to walk. There was no queue which was a pleasant surprise as I had read that it gets very busy. The décor is definitely feminine and quirky, Chris felt a little out of place in there – especially as he was the only man in there for the first 15 minutes! I went for the banana salted caramel soufflé pancakes which came with some kind of vanilla cream. They were out of this world! So light and tasty with a completely different texture to normal pancakes. I would definitely give a 100% for those – probably slightly better than Boots & Kimo’s even!

Chris had the strawberry waffle which he said was good but not earth moving. Both dishes came right away which was good as they had started getting busy. Afterward we decided to finally make the pilgrimage to Walmart to get some last minute souvenirs as well as stock up on some foodie bits we can’t get in England. Obviously the priority here was to stock up on a few months supply of Froot Loops and Lucky Charms to ease me back into my return to the cold, depressing UK and working 8.30-5 again.

1 copy 2 copy

3 copy

As we seemed in a walking mood we decided to continue onto Walmart on foot as we were already part way. We got a bit sidetracked at the Ala Moana mall with Chris looking at sunglasses and me just trying to soak in a little shopping while I had free reign. We knew Walmart was right there so opted for a random exit and hoped for the best. Typically we picked the wrong one so we toured the circumference of the Ala Moana before getting to Walmart.

I grabbed a trolley and strutted off whilst Chris just stood there looking at me like I was crazy. He said not to be stupid and to get a basket to which I replied, my cereal alone won’t be fitting in one of those! I think he was a bit embarrassed to be associated with me as there was probably an uncontained look of excitement on my face as I leapt into the first aisle. I loaded up on souvenirs for everyone including some funky looking turtle shaped wooden bowls. Chris even loaded up on a few items!

I stocked up on some sweets to take into work and then found the baking aisle. This always excites me as there are no silly laws banning bright colourings/flavourings so I loaded up on funky sprinkles. After a tour of the rest of the aisles we made it to the till and I had spent $49 which was very restrained in my opinion – I’m fairly sure I was in triple figures after my Walmart jaunt last year in Las Vegas. We strolled back through the mall to hop on bus 8 back to Waikiki to drop off our stuff.

For some reason over the last few days I had really wanted to try a Jamba Juice. I settled on the Caribbean passion smoothie but felt a little bit let down – it was OK but not quite as exciting as it sounded on paper. Lunch was an easy decision as we were right there – our fourth Hula Dog of the trip which we took down to the beach to eat in the sun. Afterward we remembered we needed to return our snorkel gear to Snorkel Bobs, typically we didn’t remember this whilst we still had the car.

Clearly it was destined to be a walking day so we set off along the river. The walk wasn’t too painful and definitely justified/helped balance the extra calories we were consuming! Once we were done there we detoured back to the room via yoghurtland for a final dose. They had added a new flavour; white chocolate macadamia nut cookie which was very special! I also overdosed on chunks of red velvet cake which I vowed to make once I got home as they aren’t really a big thing in England.

After the strolling we rested our tootsies for a bit in the room and then headed out again to shop a bit. Due to pre paying most of our activities we hadn’t spent nearly as much as we were expecting to. I got some sandals and Chris got a duffel bag and sunglasses but not much else was tempting us. I did find it amusing that he’d finally found a new pair of sunglasses right at the end of our holiday!

4 copy 5 copy

We wanted to have a nice meal for our final night or try and explore the ‘eat the street’ festival but due to over indulging at Yogurtland I just didn’t have the room or the energy. I scouted some more restaurants off of Lewers street I wish I had seen earlier – hopefully I’ll get a chance to go to them on a future trip. We ended up stopping at the Royal Caribbean food court for a snack at 10pm. I just had a tasty plate of gyoza from Ezogiku ramen whilst Chris went all out with a teriyaki burger at Mahaloha burgers. I had a nibble of his and wished I ordered some too, something about the grass fed beef makes it so much tastier than home.

Before long the food court was closing so we headed back to the room to begin the task of squeezing everything into our suitcases ready to head back home tomorrow. This took us a while and it was gone midnight by the time we were done so we set our alarms and headed to bed to make the most of the 3 hours of sleep we had.


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