Day 15: Oahu: A tour of correctional facilities and a good dose of Tommy Hilfiger…

We were up around 9am this morning and ate breakfast in the room. Chris decided to eat the cold pizza from last night which he said was OK! I had my usual froot loops and it was nice to have a light breakfast for a change. I was still feeling quite dodgy but it was our last day with the car so we decided to get on and make the most of it. Our first stop was Hanauma Bay. It was super hot again with not many clouds in the sky and I was happy with the snorkelling here. I liked that it was calm and visibility was fairly good, although there weren’t as many fish as I was expecting.

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I found it a good place for someone who doesn’t feel 100% comfortable snorkelling, although I was a bit nervous snorkelling above shallow rocks as I was afraid to touch or graze them with my stomach. There was a bit of variety and some bigger fish than I was expecting to see so shallow in the water. We found that the centre of the bay had hardly any fish but snorkelling towards the left or right of the bay resulted in heaps more of them. Chris spotted some turtles hanging out on the right hand side as well.

At around 12.30 we left in search for food but got a bit distracted along the way. We saw some weasels (I think) on the way out of Hanauma Bay, munching food someone had put out on the rocks and going through the bins. I hadn’t seen them before, they were quite cute! On our way to get some lunch we stopped off at a few viewpoints, Lanai lookout, Makapu’u and Halona Blowhole. The blowhole was quite disappointing, I’m not sure if the tide was low but there wasn’t much spouting action, especially compared to the spouting horn in Poipu. There were great views of lovely beaches though so it was still worth seeing.

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We had reached the point of belly rumbling so headed to Kailua Center to find some lunch. Maui Taco’s was jumping out so we headed there, Chris had a beef burrito and I had a shredded chicken sandwich. They had a bunch of salsas which you could help yourself too – all in all it was a good lunch, and a cheap one too.

With our tummies filled we headed to Kailua and Lanikai beaches for a last walk around. Parking at Lanikai was a mission as the one way system makes it a bit of a kerfuffle. We sat down for a bit to soak it all in before making a mad dash down to the Waikele Outlets to fit some shopping in before returning the rental car. Somehow I got us lost and we did a tour of the loop around Enchanted Lakes a few times, and also made a few impromptu stops at a Women’s and then a Children’s correctional facility whilst attempting to turn around. Eventually we found our way out of there and headed onto the highway – taking us in the opposite direction to where we needed to go! This was Chris’ fault as he tried to get involved with the navigation, we had already settled that he was chief driver and I chief navigator so I put all the blame on him!

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Finally we sorted it and were on our way. It was a bit of a journey to squeeze in as an after thought, we definitely should have fitted it in earlier especially as they were open until 9pm. Typically we hit tons of traffic around the Pearl Harbor area and moved at a snails pace for ages. Eventually we got there and I raced straight into Tommy Hilfiger to stock up on knitwear to get me through the British winter! Chris surprisingly bought just as much as I did. After all that excitement we checked the time and it was just after 6pm which meant we needed to leave now if we wanted to return the car on time, bugger! I wasn’t too impressed but it had to be done, and it was worth the little detour to stock up on jumpers that weren’t insanely priced like at home.

The return journey was much better as the roads were fairly empty, but we had to skip on seeing Tantalus Drive which I really wanted to drive along. After a kerfuffle not being able to find a petrol station, we dropped the car off (and paid the super inflated price for them to do it) and hopped on the free shuttle back to Waikiki. The woman in returns was far nicer than the unfriendly man we had when collecting the car! The Hawaii 5-0 premiere and sunset on the beach event was tonight so we had visions of another slow crawl back into Waikiki, but thankfully everything was fine so we must have just missed the rush.

We popped in for a quick shower and headed out to find some food. I wanted to check out Taormina, the Sicilian that we had passed the other day but Chris wasn’t too keen – for some reason he refuses to eat pasta when dining out, something about it being the cheapest and easiest thing to make at home yourself! We decided to stroll behind the main street and see what took our fancy. Finally we found the location of Fatty’s Chinese Kitchen but didn’t feel like eating there tonight. I knew we had passed by Siam Square the other night nearby here so we set off in search of that.

Chris got told off buy a security guy on a bike for jaywalking – just after we saw someone get arrested for it the day before so he should have known better! It’s quite a normal (and often essential) way to cross the road at home so we were constantly forgetting about this! We found the restaurant and got a nice table by the window straight away. The view wasn’t of much but I enjoyed being in the corner, I have a thing about being tucked away in cosiness rather than sat out in the middle of the room! We ordered the pork spring rolls and satay chicken skewers to start which were both good and we were getting a little full already!

The waitress was partly friendly and partly quite grumpy/snappy so there was an element of surprise each time she came by as we debated her mood. I had hoped eating Thai food would result in smaller or more reasonable portions as generally this is the case at home, but this restaurant still had generous American sized portions! We probably should have kept to the one starter but our eyes were bigger than our bellies as usual. We got the chicken massaman curry and chicken pad thai for mains which we shared – you could chose the spice level so we thought medium would be a safe bet.

I wanted to go for hot but Chris struggles with spice sometimes – I was so glad I listened to him as when it came it was definitely hot not medium, their heat scale was a little off! Even if it melted our mouths a little it was still all very good, in a completely different way to Opal’s. Opals was more of an innovative place to try new foods and flavours whereas Siam Square was great for sticking to the tried and tested favourites you already know you love. Everything tasted authentic and we did feel as though we had been transported back to Thailand temporarily, especially with the fairy lights dangled around!

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When we got the bill we noticed they already added a 15% top automatically – I assume this is because the English are sometimes bad or non tippers? We always tipped 20% out there so rounded it up anyway. Due to our fullness we had a slow shuffle back to the hotel when yet again Chris decided he didn’t want to wait for the green light and would do another spot of jaywalking. I wasn’t paying much attention and just walked along with him when all of a sudden we got yelled at by a homeless guy sat there behind us! I wasn’t expecting that so we had a little giggle and shuffled back onto the pavement.

Tonight was to be the night I had a little bonding time with Forever 21. There wasn’t loads there I liked this time which was good as I was already tight on luggage space here, not to mention wardrobe space at home. Thankfully they were open until 11pm so there was no need to have a mad dash over there. I tried on a boat load of items and walked away with a very respectable 4 which was super restrained for me. We strolled back to the room to flop on the bed and watch some more crime TV as usual.


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