Day 12: Oahu: A calorie filled day and a wannabe glamour model…

This morning we decided to try Lulu’s for breakfast and headed over there at around 9am. Chris ordered some beastly plate of pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, potatoes etc – I found it very strange to have all of this mixed on one plate, especially with the two different sauce pots, one of syrup and another of ketchup! I ordered the French toast, thankfully the lovely waitress warned me it was huge and asked if I would like to order a half portion.

My half portion was still huge! It was stuffed full of cream cheese and mango passion fruit jam, covered with whipped cream, mac nuts, butter and syrup – quite a calorie fest! I went easy on the toppings as I’m not so used to having dessert for breakfast but it was all very good and the views out across the beach were pretty. They also had some lighter options on the breakfast menu which was good to know as I can’t really deal with a heavy breakfast every morning!

From there we went back to the hotel to get ready for the beach. We rented some boogie boards for $5 an hour and the guy gave us a second hour free. The waves weren’t enormous but we tried our best! After a while we gave them back and just swam/relaxed in a different part of the sea for a while. There were a couple of turtles bobbing around in the water as well which I didn’t expect! Before long it was 2.30 in the afternoon and Chris was ready for his next feed.

1 copy

We popped back to shower and headed out for lunch – we were getting withdrawal symptoms from Puka Dog in Poipu so seeked out their sister place in Waikiki, Hula Dog. Again I couldn’t bring myself to deviate from my usual combo and neither could Chris. We ate them strolling through International Market Place and stopped at Island Freeze for shave ice. Their ice comes with dole whip at the bottom with four flavours to choose from. After hearing all the hype about the pineapple flavour I chose that one with mango, cherry and blue Hawaii flavourings. The mango and blue Hawaii were good but the cherry was super strong! The dole whip was OK but quite tangy, I might have done better with vanilla but was glad to try it.

Once we were done it was time to get scrubbed up a bit for our sunset sail with Maitai Catamaran, the lovely boat Justin Beiber went for a voyage on! We had our glad rags on and typically it started to tip down with rain just as we walked to the boat. Thankfully there was a parasol nearby which we crammed under and the rain passed before we boarded.

The cruise was good fun and it was nice to see Waikiki from the water – great views of diamond head, sunset colours and adventurous surfers. There were two Japanese girls on our trip and one of them was a little crazy. I think she thought the boat was the perfect object to model on as she proceeded to provocatively pose and lounge about the place oblivious to the crowds of people whilst her friend constantly snapped photos – embarrassing, and I felt sorry for her friend!

2 copy 3 copy 4 copy

We had a few conversations with people on board, everyone was mostly from Australia. The Mai Tai’s were stronger than I expected (probably because I am not a big drinker unless in a big group) and I was feeling fairly merry once we got off! I love being on a boat and had a great time, the crew were friendly and good fun as well – would definitely go again.

Chris was laughing at me when we got off; I think I had my giggly voice on. We took a stroll around the shops for a bit and headed in the direction of Dukes for dinner. The wait was over an hour again but the barefoot bar was quicker so we settled on that. I had chicken katsu curry and Chris went for mango BBQ ribs, mine was OK but there was no sauce – just rice and mac salad which I am not sure qualify for naming it katsu curry? Chris’ ribs were yummy and the waffle fries were fairly good too. Overall we found the food at Keoki’s Paradise to be a lot better. We had to share another slice of hula pie which was just as amazing as the last one, I need to try and recreate that at home!

5 copy

We paid and nipped to Victoria Secret for a shopping stop before heading back to the room to watch real life murder mystery TV on HLN – we got seriously addicted to this on our trip!


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