Day 11: Oahu: A little hike, a big hike and an enormous Mexican…

We woke up at around 9am and debated what to do today as I hadn’t really planned anything. We settled on hiking Diamond Head so it was only right that we have a big breakfast to give us extra energy. We got to Dukes at around 10am and stuffed ourselves full with banana pancakes, bacon, sausages, bagels, fruit…! Chris always sees a buffet as a challenge and I wasn’t sure whether to be impressed or concerned at the amount of food he had consumed!

It was already 12 after we had detoured to the room to change so we hopped in a taxi to save time faffing with buses. It came to $15 before the tip which was a bargain for us with the exchange rate. We walked up quite briskly and it had gotten so hot now that it was mid day! The hike was a lot quicker and easier than I expected, I was expecting it to be quite painful. The views at the top were great, especially with the clear skies we had. It’s a shame you can’t go up there for sunset as it must look amazing from there.

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A guy proposed to his girlfriend whilst we were up there which was sweet, thankfully she said yes or that could have been one awkward hike back down! Coming back down was much quicker and easier again and we planned to hop on the bus back before realising we didn’t have any change. We tried our luck with the driver just in case but he had no change as we expected. We thought we would just walk it back as we were already equipped with our trainers and plenty of sun lotion!

On the way back we stopped at the petrol station to grab a slushie drink, before long we were back in Waikiki and could probably justify this mornings breakfast. I didn’t find the walk long but Chris did, especially with his dodgy toe I had almost forgotten about! We walked past the ‘Art on the zoo fence’ displays and I was very tempted to buy one of the cat paintings for my mum but it was huge and would have been a big struggle to get home. There was a market going on nearby so we had a browse of that and then were back on the main street. I treated myself to some board shorts in Roxy on the way – even better was that they were 40% off which I didn’t find out until I got to the till.

We dandered back to the Beachcomber for a quick sit down and to contemplate our next move. It was definitely water time but we weren’t sure we had the energy to walk back down the other end of the beach to boogie board. We decided to just squeeze our way through all the bodies on Waikiki beach and have a splash around in the water there. I couldn’t believe how shallow it is, we were really far out and the water wasn’t much more than waist deep on a short-ass like me! It was perfectly warm and calm with a few waves – much calmer than Poipu with no real current to contend with. We bounced around for a while until the sun started to set.

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On our way out we passed a few Japanese tourists posing in the water fully dressed. We found this very bizarre, especially as they were smartly dressed in fancy dresses like they were headed somewhere posh! Obviously they were capturing the experience vividly on their multiple cameras. There were also the obligatory few tourists taking pictures with their iPad – it’s always amusing to see someone standing there with their iPad + case flapping down taking pictures left, right & centre!

We both had a craving for Mexican and decided to check out Cha Cha Cha around the corner from us. This place was a great find but the portions were insane – wouldn’t look out of place at all on Man VS Food! We ordered the nachos to share and I think they would have fed at least six people comfortably! They were incredibly good; we agreed they were probably the best nachos we’ve ever had. We made a big dent in them but were so full we struggled to fit our mains in. I ordered a quesadilla and Chris got a burrito, both were again super sized. I barely touched mine but Chris was a trooper and made most of his fit – although I think he felt rather fragile afterwards!

6 copy

The waitress bought me a giant box to take the extra food away in, it was enormous but still didn’t fit all of the leftovers in! There was no way I was going to be able to eat all of this tomorrow but I had a better plan. We dandered down the street so I could give it to one of the homeless guys – there were definitely enough calories in there to keep him going temporarily. I was a bit scared to approach him as he rummaged through the bin but he was really softly spoken and not at all terrifying like I was expecting! He was really grateful and told me Mexican was his favourite. I was glad he appreciated it as I had visions of him telling me to bugger off and mind my own business!

We did some more souvenir shopping and a quick stroll around the International Market Place but were too full to do anything more productive so headed back to the room to call it a night.


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