Day 10: Oahu: Please don’t use this bus as a toilet on wheels…

I had the most uncomfortable nights sleep ever due to my legs feeling like they were being soaked in boiling water. We had a bit of a lazy morning uploading our photos and having a nose of our trip so far. I caked my lobster legs in moisturiser and decided to hide them from the world in leggings today until they reached a more acceptable and less neon shade.

We wanted to go to Duke’s for breakfast but it was already 10am so we took a stroll and ended up at Moose McGillycuddy’s. Chris had their breakfast quesadilla and I had scrambled egg, sausage, an English muffin and potatoes. It always feels odd having potatoes for breakfast to me, unless they are hash browns. The food was fairly good and very reasonably priced, we got a buy one get one free voucher for next time which was a bonus. On our way out we spotted someone ordering the 12 egg challenge omelette which was monstrous! It came in a deep dish and looked bigger than a family sized lasagne!

1 copy

2 copy 3 copy

We set off to explore Waikiki some more stopping off at the hotel to pick up our sunglasses. The homeless guys out here are on another level, one guy had a plastic bottle he was filling up from peoples last sips of Coke they had chucked in the bin. Part of me felt like buying him a fresh one!

Due to us feeling a little worse for wear today (me with my sunburn and Chris with the gash in his toe) we sat and watched the boogie boarders for a while. Chris picked up some bandage to try and wrap up his toe as it kept getting filled up with sand – I was totally useless here as I am not good with blood at all so couldn’t even look at it! We couldn’t decide what to do and eventually settled on Ala Moana mall to get a little break from the sun and sand. We popped back to the hotel for Chris to tend to his foot (again) and nipped into Yogurtland on the way.

I am so glad I found this place through Trip Advisor – they really should open one in England! I went a bit crazy with a mix of cheesecake, Oreo, praline and coconut flavours and even crazier with the toppings. Peanut butter everything, mochi balls, red velvet cake, fudge chips, sprinkles… it was a rainbow tower by the end and the best fun I’d had all day!

We headed off to find a bus stop that would take us to the mall and realised we needed to walk to Kuhio avenue. We had a bit of a wait as 6 buses came by that weren’t going that way and finally one was. The bus driver was a bit of a jerk, some tourists getting on wanted to verify it was the correct bus and he had a serious attitude telling them of course it was. I expect he probably gets asked it constantly, but he was laughing right in their faces which was a bit unnecessarily mean!

Once we got to the mall we soon realised it wasn’t one of those easy to navigate places. It branches off everywhere and although the map helped it still took us longer than it should have to find the stores we wanted. I was fairly reserved with my shopping (partly as I didn’t want to try anything on that required unleashing the sunburn) but Chris bought a few t-shirts including a bargainous one for $5 in American Eagle. He treated me to part of my belated birthday present, a Kate Spade handbag and I bought myself a purse in there too.

Chris was feeling lazy and grabbed a quick McDonald’s as we were passing but I was stuffed full from fro-yo overload so just nibbled on a few of his chips. The food court was packed and we sat infront of two other people at the only seats we could find. The man gave us the stink eye the whole time so we ate very quickly – I don’t think he appreciated our faces as his view! We had a bit more of a dander but I didn’t find much I really wanted, I was trying to stick to my rule of having three reasons to justify any purchase I made as I have far to much clothes for our small house!

I stocked up on some of my favourites at Bath & Body Works as well as a few gifts for friends and family. At this point Chris loked like he had reached his shopping limit so I suggested we call it a day. We left the mall and a bus was waiting, great timing! As it was one of the street festivals that night the traffic was crazy going into Waikiki, the bus was so crowded I felt like I was on the Deuce in Las Vegas.

Something really amused me on the bus too – amongst the generic signs stating what isn’t permitted, no loud music/food/littering etc was one for ‘no defecating or urinating’ with a lovely sketch of a man sat on the toilet with a big red line through it! I found this hilarious, surely it goes without saying it wouldn’t go down too well?

At snails pace we crawled back into Waikiki, we definitely should have walked as we probably would have got there in half the time. We didn’t realise at this stage in our trip it wasn’t that bad a walk, just a little less scenic than we would like! We dropped the bags off at the hotel, I upgraded to my new handbag & purse and we headed back outside where the street festival was in full swing. It was drizzling a bit and the street was buzzing with people, street food, craft stalls etc. We strolled up and down a fair few times and bought a few little bits but decided to eat elsewhere so we could sit down and avoid the rain.

5 copy

We realised Teddy’s Bigger Burgers was nearby and I had read good things about it so that made for a quick decision. Chris had the Woodinville burger which had a bit of everything inside it, and I went for the crispy chicken sandwich with added avocado. I seemed to develop an obsession of putting avocado on everything during this trip! I had mine with tater tots (something I had longed to have again since my stint working at a summer camp in 2007) and Chris went for the garlic fries. Everything was seriously good and we waddled out of there feeling stuffed to the brim.

Afterward we were ready to sleep due to the combo of being on our feet most of the day and eating what felt like our body weight in food. We lazed around on wi-fi and fell asleep at around midnight, meaning we had finally adjusted properly to the time zone!


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