Day 7: Kauai: Schmoozing with a shark and doppelganger spotting…

I woke up just before 6am, thanks to the roosters having a noisier episode than usual outside. This was a blessing in disguise though because I had snoozed through the first alarm. I had to skip the Froot Loops today and get ready speedily to head off for our Napali boat tour. On our way we discovered the petrol had shot down a fair bit so tried to locate the Chevron station, we found it eventually but it meant Chris had to miss the McDonald’s breakfast he was craving, shame! We checked in at Captain Andy’s store in the marina and waited to board the Southern Star. We tossed our flip flops on the shelf and headed to the rear of the boat for a safety briefing. The way out was relatively calm and the sky was on its way to being clear and sunny.

1 copy

We spotted a bunch of flying fish every so often, pods of spinner dolphins and a few turtles. We also saw a monk seal in the distance on one of the beaches which was the only one we saw during our trip. The dolphins were quite sleepy but some were jumping, especially the babies! I couldn’t capture it very well with my camera, my timing was a bit off! The sky turned out perfect and we had great views of the Napali coast with a few little waterfalls and beaches in between. We cruised along for a while before pulling up at our snorkel spot – I wasn’t sure I was going in as I didn’t like the idea of entering from the open water but I was eventually persuaded. I was reluctant as had visions of enormous critters being in there but Chris said I would be fine so I hopped in.

Literally 10 seconds after I’m in the water I dunk my head below to see the view. Cue panic when the first thing I see is a shark! It was clearly bigger than I was but was lower down near the surface so thankfully wasn’t staring me in the face, there was a baby shark too which was a bit cuter. I had a bit of a flap in the water but soon realised it wasn’t really interested in me. I kept my beady eye on it for a while and eventually got brave enough to carry on. We later found out from the crew it was a 6 foot reef shark (the least dangerous I believe) – they made a few jokes about this as originally to tempt me in they said it was 99% shark free water!

We chilled out in the water a bit longer, there wasn’t much variety of fish but I did like the mid sized black and white ones that flapped their fins like wings. The visibility was great though and the water was so calm considering how deep it was. If there was a bit more variety or a few more brightly coloured fish it would have been the perfect snorkel spot. We tried to get some good pictures with the Go Pro before climbing back on the boat for lunch.

2 copy

We both ordered the teriyaki chicken breast and had some coleslaw, beans & salad. I wasn’t too thrilled with the chicken so was a bit cheeky and asked to switch which wasn’t a problem. I am so glad I did because the cheeseburger was absolutely amazing and probably one of the best burgers of the trip – definitely get it!

On the return we sat up the front of the boat riding the waves. It was a lot rougher now – more fun! We were getting tossed around and splashed a fair bit so I decided to try laying on the trampolines as it looked like fun! Another girl joined me and we seemed to pick the best time, just as the swells got bigger. This was great fun – I would have paid for a trip just to do this all day! One wave nearly took my sunglasses and another nearly took my shorts, but thankfully all was good and I managed to leave with both of them intact!

3 copy

If you do this expect a constant face full of salt water and to hold on for your life because you will take off! One of my little toes couldn’t handle the force and got a carpet burn style graze which despite being ridiculously small was still ridiculously painful! I exited the boat completely soaked so felt like a wet dog riding home in the car. We both agreed this trip was the highlight of our holiday so far, and the crew were really great and made time to talk to everyone on the boat and share stories etc.

Once we got back I had a migraine coming on so went for a cheeky lie down to try and shake it off, giving Chris instructions to wake me in 20 minutes. Naturally he got distracted with his gadgets and I didn’t wake up until an ambulance tearing by outside shook me from my sleep. We had planned a trip to the shops so I could find some board shorts but this had to be a race around in the end, without much luck except finding a nice pair of denim shorts which were a bargain in the sale. We zoomed back to the condo to do a speedy get ready and set off for the luau.

We drove down to Wailua and I was a bit worried as I never received a booking confirmation with proof of payment, but luckily we were on the list. Once we walked in we were given a shell lei, had our photo taken and went through onto their little tram that does a tour of the gardens. I would have liked some time to poke around and watch the peacocks some more but it was already time for the imu ceremony. I’m generally squeamish with thins like that so I preoccupied myself talking to the goats for a bit. I ended up watching some of it in the end but just shut my eyes when they took the pig out!

4 copy 5 copy

The luau was the largest gathering of people in one place we had seen since leaving Heathrow so it felt massively crowded – although overall I imagine it was quite tame compared to the bigger luaus. I posed for a quick picture with the two guys and we went in to find a table. It was super busy in there and took us ages to find two empty seats together. We were sat opposite a couple on their honeymoon and the girl reminded me of Miley Cyrus so badly! (This is before the days of the bleached blonde crop and crazy antics when she was a bit more reserved!) She looked so similar and had exactly the same voice. Her new husband reminded me a bit of Jason Segal and I felt like we were living a part of the Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie!

The mai tais looked like brown sludge so I decided to join Chris with the non-alcoholic fruit punch. The MC guy there was quite funny and in general most of their jokes were more funny than cheesy which is always good. Our table was called up to get food and we tried to be adventurous piling most things onto the plate – except the poi, I couldn’t bring myself to try that – it looked like a combination of wallpaper paste and mud! I don’t think it tasted much better either based on opinions of those we were sat with! The kalua pork, teriyaki steak, fried rice and macaroni were all good. They had some unique salad dressing flavours too which were interesting.

Dessert was a really tasty coconut cake which I probably overdid it with, alongside rice pudding, fruit jellies and fresh fruit. The rice pudding was disappointing for me as I expected it to be hot – I had never had it cold before and it had an odd gloopy texture which had set a bit – I am not sure if Hawaiian rice pudding is completely different to the UK version? The jelly was good, especially the coconut one and the tropical fruits were yummy. I found out I didn’t really care for papaya though which was typical as I had just bought a huge one at the market! They pulled a group of people up to the stage to teach them the hula which was amusing one of the women tried to get me up there but there was no way that was happening!

6 copy

After the food we headed towards the theatre to see the show, stopping off to see our photos on the way. They were a bit pricey at $20 but we decided to get it anyway as we didn’t get the chance to take many photos ourselves. We managed to score ourselves some seats at the front row which was good – one thing to mention though is the seats are crazily uncomfortable! They could really do with padding them out a bit, it’s like perching on a park bench made for a gnome. The show was good but a little cheesy in places. I liked the costumes and managed to get some fairly good photos even though we couldn’t use flash. By the end we were really tired after our early start and struggled to keep our eyes open on the way home, we got back and decided we didn’t have the energy to pack tonight and literally jumped straight to bed.


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