Day 6: Kauai: Voyaging up the canyon and snorting salty water…

I woke briefly at around 4am to the heaviest rain outside and nudged Chris so we could go and take a look. It felt like we were in the middle of a huge storm so I was just hoping something hadn’t crept up on us overnight! We went back to sleep and woke up to perfect weather at around 7.30am. We missed the sunset again, but it looks like it was a trade off each day between either being awake for sunset or being awake for dinner! We ate breakfast on the balcony whilst we decided what to do today – there was just so much left on our list and nowhere near enough time. Looking back we definitely should have chopped a few days off Oahu and added them to Kauai.

We decided to head west for the morning and explore Waimea Canyon. We tried to see Hanapepe on the way but somehow missed the swinging bridge, never mind. I was chief map reader again, deciding the best lookouts to stop on our way. When we first started out we felt like we were the only ones around – quite a contrast from even the rest of Kauai, and definitely from home! We stopped at the main canyon lookout and I can see why it’s called the Grand Canyon of the pacific – I was just there in 2012 and it’s definitely similar, just a little smaller and greener.

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Chris bought some sugar cane to remind him of the old days when he lived in South Africa. I tried some but it wasn’t for me, it just tasted like sweetened soggy wood! Rooster Cam: They were abundant up the mountain, this must be where they flourish! So many different varieties, brown ones, black ones, spotted ones…! There were plenty of mumma & babies bopping around too but they were a nightmare to get a good photo of. We continued on our way, stopping here and there until we got to the end of the road at Kalalau Lookout. It’s definitely a good idea to bring a jacket here, it felt like we had been transported back to the great British weather! It was cloudy and cold but the clouds did move quickly. We could see the boats down below which would be the view we would be having tomorrow.

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We continued on to the Pu’u o Kila lookout for a better view and the rain was beating down. I was too scared to get near the edge whilst Chris wasn’t far from dangling off it with his Go Pro again! We zipped back (well, as fast as you can safely zip) down the road and it felt right that we stop for some shave ice at Jojo’s Anuenue. Chris wasn’t sure he had room but gave in to peer pressure and ordered one with grape, green apple and chocolate. I found this the most bizarre combo but he seemed to wolf it down. I ordered blueberry, strawberry colada and decided to try a wildcard with cake batter. Obviously we had the obligatory mac nut ice cream on the bottom too. I was pleased with the combo and gave Jojo’s joint first place with Hee Fat shave ice. One bonus to Jojo’s was the fact their ice didn’t melt as easily, although Hee Fat’s looked prettier.

We drove back to pick up Puka Dogs and eat on the beach, but just before we got there the rain tipped down so we decided to eat them in the condo. The lines were out of the door and then some, clearly a popular spot for lunch! We both stuck with what we had last time – polish dog, jalapeno sauce, lillikoi mustard and mango relish for me, and Chris had the same but with pineapple relish. They were just as good as last time and now I am home I would give anything to have one of those right now! We munched them on the lanai and were joined by two birdies that seemed super hungry so we shared a bit of our roll with them.

We debated on going to Lawai to snorkel but decided to stay at Poipu. Just as we arrived two turtles were floating about near the shore. We snorkelled on both sides of the sandbar but it was definitely rougher than previous days and I was thrown around a fair bit. This time we saw some interesting black tangs and black & white striped tangs which I hadn’t yet seen alongside the usual parrot fish etc. I happened upon some vibrant black, blue & orange patterned fish feasting on a tiny crab which was quite interesting to watch! Chris was lucky enough to snorkel with some turtles which I missed too.


A lesson learned today was not to smile when you snorkel unless you enjoy filling your mask up with the saltiest water and then snorting it! There was a strong current pushing us about as well and I got chucked into a rock on my way out but thankfully there was no coral on it. I made a rookie error in not taking my flippers off in time which resulted in me waddling about like a giant penguin while a huge wave tried to drill me to the ground. I sorted myself out eventually and scurried off hanging my head in shame!

We sat around to dry off for a bit, but were soon bored of this after 10 minutes so set off toward the condo. On our way we saw that the two turtles were still there and had been joined by some more friends, there were now at least 5 of them frolicking about in the waves and they were popping their heads up a lot more often than the turtle we saw on our first day. Typically I didn’t have my camera and the Go Pro had just run out of battery. We dandered back to shower and I emptied my bikini of it’s collection of sand from my earlier incident. Kauai sand was still clinging on for dear life and refusing to come off of anything without a struggle.

Next stop was the spouting horn again as we heard it was a good spot to catch the sunset. Rooster cam: These guys were as bold as ever, climbing up on the fence and strutting right up to me. I also spotted a lazy one slacking off having a cheeky snooze. We weren’t sure it was going to be a good sunset location at this time of year so we drove down the road a bit further to a dead end. This turned out being a much better spot and we just about got the sun getting over the sea. Unfortunately there were no palm tree silhouettes so it wasn’t as pretty as I would have liked.

We headed for Bubba’s Burgers to grab a quick dinner, I had the double and Chris the triple. We shared the ‘frings’ which were mostly disappointing but the burgers were very good and reminded me a little of In N Out burgers which I’m a huge fan of. Afterward we had a little stroll around the shops but tried not to get sucked in, there was going to be plenty of time for shopping on Oahu.

7 copy

After hearing good things about Lapperts we decided to get some sundaes from there for dessert. I had a modest one scoop with hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, mac nuts and a cherry. I went for the caramel coconut mac nut ice cream which was a great choice. All in all it was decadent and tasty, but I was disappointed by the ‘hot’ fudge sauce, which was neither hot nor tasty – it was an overpowering almost bitter chocolate flavour to me. Chris had a sundae the size of a pint glass which had various puddles of chocolate, brownies, sauce & mac nuts – it looked like chocolate overload and he didn’t quite finish it but did give it a good attempt! We waddled back to the car to head home and tried to stay up to let the food go down before our early start tomorrow.


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