Day 4: Kauai: Monster burritos and monster sunsets…

We were up and showered by 5.30am, crazy stuff! We had our usual breakfast on the lanai and wandered down to Poipu beach park to catch the sunrise. There were some great views from the sandy strip with the rocks at the end, and it was so much quieter and serene that early. We watched the waves and the roosters for a bit before heading back to get ready for our trip to the North shore.

sunrise at poipu sunrise

On our way we drove through Lihue and Kaapa and scouted out several restaurants and shops to hopefully stop by. We stopped off at the Kealia beach lookout which was nice to see, and then at the Kilauea Lighthouse viewpoint. It was nice being there so early as we didn’t have to wrestle through hoards of people to get some pictures! We spotted some nene too which were happy to pose for a photo.

3 copy 4 copy 5 copy 6 copy

We drove through the Hanalei area stopping off here and there, somehow we managed to miss the pier but did see the funky church and some other beaches along the way. We stopped off at Lumahai to see the crashing waves which didn’t disappoint. Chris got a bit carried away filming with the GoPro and managed to sink to almost knee length and break his flip flop. I told him off and we stepped back a bit to admire a little longer!

The next stop was Tunnels which has such gorgeous scenery with the mountain backdrop. We parked at Haena beach park and strolled across from there. It was quieter than I was expecting for a Sunday. We snorkelled for a while but found it murkier than Poipu so we were a bit disappointed after reading it was the best snorkel spot on Kauai. There were plenty of pretty fish, so I am not sure if it was just bad timing with the visibility or tide.

7 copy 8 copy 9 copy 10 copy

Afterward we dried off and sunbathed for a bit before heading towards Ke’e beach. It was rammed here and we decided we were too hungry to wait for some parking. We headed off in search of food and settled on Red Hot Mama’s for some burritos. We also picked up some jalapeno crisps and drinks from the scarily priced shop next door and had an impromptu picnic back on Lumahai beach. It was a bit busier now that everyone had woken up and a few crazies were even jumping in the waves.

The burritos were really good and the smalls were definitely not small – I struggled to finish mine! I liked that almost everything is made from Kauai grown ingredients. We tried and failed to locate Hanalei bay on our return and completely missed it again, I think I was too distracted snapping pictures. We stopped off at the Hanalei valley lookout for the postcard perfect picture. On our way back we decided to pop by Anini beach to scout it out for future snorkelling. The beach has really pretty green water and funky trees growing right on the shoreline. I couldn’t work out what was growing on the trees and whether it was a fruit or not!

11 copy 12 copy 13 copy 14 copy

Rooster cam: The roosters were much shyer here, Mr. Rooster sprinted right away from me, legs flying in the air! We tried to stop off at Moloa’a Sunrise Fruit Stand but literally as we were stepping out of the car they were closing. I really wanted to buy some tropical fruits for a fruit salad so we tried Anahola Farmers Market which we passed a few mins later along the highway. No joy there either, it was getting pretty bare with just some bananas and large prickly looking breadfruit which I had no idea what it would taste like. Hopefully not bread? We continued on and decided to try out another shave ice spot instead.

I knew we had passed Hee Fat General Store on our way in so we kept our eyes peeled and thankfully it was open! We decided to go all out with one each this time – we went for super fruity flavours and mac nut ice cream on the bottom. Whilst we were in there we picked up some Maui sugar and Hawaiian red salt for gifts back home which came in cute little tubes.

We strolled down to the beach and munched our shave ice there watching the waves in one direction and the roosters in another. Chris was getting bored of my fascination with the roosters which only made me want to point them out and photograph them more! Rooster cam: There was a family of roosters here who merrily stopped for photos providing I didn’t get too close. A black and white one back near the car decided to just stare at me and crow loudly. I also saw a mumma rooster and her babies but they had quite the pace on so I couldn’t get a great shot of them. Hee Fat shave ice ended up being one of my favourites of the entire trip so I am glad we stopped by there.

15 copy 16 copy

We continued on our way back to the condo to have a little sit down before we set off again. I took a dander and got some pictures of the funky tree that reminded us of Lost and some more funky flowers. Chris was getting impatient of me photographing the flowers too – but he had no argument considering all the faffing he’s done with the GoPro, especially pulling over to stick the damn thing on the window of the car every ten minutes!

After a little rest we headed out to Salt Pond beach park to catch the sunset. The beach was fairly busy as it was the weekend, lots of locals had tents set up camping on the beach. Still, ‘busy’ was relative to Kauai, it would be considered deserted if we were at home! This sunset was one of the best we saw with lots of vibrant oranges, pinks and purples. It was especially good once the sun had gone down as it lit the sky up with almost neon stripes.

17 copy

We headed back to change into something nicer and head out for dinner. It got dark quick and the roads off the main highway are a lot scarier in the evening, this isn’t helped when your boyfriend accidentally reverts to driving on the left hand side of the road! It was weird to see no neon lights, billboards etc compared to the other parts of the US I’ve seen. The only light was coming from the tiny lights on the road and occasional passing cars headlights.

After nearly missing the turning to the condo, we popped in to get changed and headed straight back out to find something to eat. We decided on Merriman’s pizza and burgers – I guess the restaurant is divided in two with a joint menu on the outside and two separate ones once inside. I had a pineapple, jalapeno and kalua pork pizza which I decided to throw some avocado on to once I saw they had it in their list of toppings. Not something I would have ever thought to try on a pizza but it worked!

Chris had an ‘artisan’ sausage and pepperoni pizza and we shared some truffle fries. The food was all good but very heavy, I was done halfway through as I am not used to eating like that! By this point I was again falling to sleep but forced myself to have a dander around the shops and stay up for a short while once we got back. I ended up going to bed at 10.30pm, my most reasonable time so far!

Merriman's pizza


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