Day 3: Kauai: Flying high, falling over and funky fish…

Today was our ziplining tour with Outfitters Kauai. Chris was up at 3.30 am and snoozed until I woke up around 5am. It was kind of nice to be a morning person for a few days as I am more of a night owl at home. We didn’t have to arrive until 7.15 so jumped in the shower and pottered about watching the sun come up from the balcony. It was finally time to open them, my beloved Froot Loops! It had been around a year since I had my last fix of these and it felt good! Chris made a less desperate scrambled eggs on toast.

We left just before 7am to be sure we could find their shop, this was easy enough as it was only round the corner from us. We saw it was next door to ‘Da Crack’ Mexican which we wanted to come back to but never got around to it. As we had some time to kill we drove over to see the Spouting Horn. There was nobody around this early except another family of roosters – again very brazen and happy to pose for a photo or two. The Spouting Horn was blasting water at full force which was cool to see and made some great photos.

Spouting Horn

Before long it was time to check-in for our trip. We were given a backpack to put our things in, which came with a cool pack to keep our lunch cold at the bottom. We drove the 20 min journey to Kipu Ranch – setting of Jurassic Park amongst other films. There were plenty of ziplines, with the big daddy 1200 feet line as the grand finale. They started us with a small one to get us in the swing of things. Chris was really nervous as he has a bit of an issue with fast, fun and adrenaline filled things! Thankfully he enjoyed it and was soon showing off flipping upside down. The second line was a zip-abseil which had great views of the caves, waterfalls and river below. The person who went first got stuck in the middle of the line which made me a bit worried as I didn’t want to die on our first proper day, but they soon sorted it and we all made it down alive!

The course had a mix of high lines, fast lines and plenty of good views. Before long we had the courage to jump off backwards, swing upside down and let go completely. Between my camera and Chris’ Go Pro we were fairly snap happy! After the final line where I got a bit stuck and had to do some shuffling we stopped for lunch. The final line probably has the best views of all and you can just see through the trees how far you are from the ground – definitely not for someone with a fear of heights!

Ziplining Kipu Ranch

For lunch we had a turkey wrap, pasta salad, cookies, water and some fizzy fruit drinks. It was all pretty good except I had to toss the olives out as I really can’t stand them! When we were done we took our ropes, chains and the sexy red helmet before hiking across to a pond with a zipline rope swing and jumping platform. I didn’t bring swimwear and the water looked a bit scabby anyway so I gave it a miss whilst nearly everyone else jumped in. There were some turtles in the water and sunning it on some rocks nearby.

One thing I recommend from experience is to bring some decent trainers – I wore some Vans and they didn’t have the best grip so I was sliding all over the place in the muddy parts and managed to fall over twice. Some areas you can’t really afford to take a tumble as it would be a long and painful way down!

Great view from up here! Blue skies

Our guides were friendly and I would definitely recommend them, I did feel a bit sorry for them at times as we were quite a quiet group and they weren’t getting a load of ‘woooo-hoooo’ from everyone! We popped back to the condo for a drink and the sky was now bright blue with fluffy clouds, just what we had been waiting for. We took a stroll down the beach again and it all looked even prettier than yesterday, much more how I had imagined it would be. We had a little paddle and noticed it was a lot busier than yesterday. That’s when we realised it was Saturday – we had totally lost track of the days after our time travelling.

After the photos we went off for a snorkel at Poipu beach park for a few hours. There were a lot more fish today and other snorkelers around which put me at ease. We managed to spot nemo fish, needlefish, parrot fish, angel fish, puffer fish etc – all very colourful, I just wish I had a decent underwater camera so I could have got better pics. The GoPro was ok at this but it was hard to know what you’d captured and what you hadn’t. The waves did knock me about a bit but I got the hang of it in the end and this ended up being my favourite snorkel spot of the whole trip.

Poipu in the sunshine

Once we’d had enough we popped back to the condo where we had the arduous task of getting the sand off us. Kauai has the most stubborn sand I have ever seen! I also emptied my bikini of the sand deposited in there when I took a small beating from a cheeky wave that crept up behind me just as I was removing my flippers. I attempted to tame my hair into something manageable and we headed off to see the Tree Tunnel in better light. We detoured to Shipwreck beach on the way back. I found it less pretty than Poipu but quieter, there were lots of surfers and two weddings having their photos taken on the beach. We forgot it was the Torchlighting Ceremony that night and headed to the beach near the Beach House restaurant to hopefully get a good sunset. There were lots of surfers here too and the sunset had some good colours.


We drove back to change and head out for dinner. Jet lag was kicking in again but I forced myself to stay up. We couldn’t decide where to go and settled on Kiahuna’s restaurant, Plantation Gardens. This was in a really pretty setting similar to the rest of the grounds. We ordered the Kalua pork slides and potstickers to share – both were seriously good and perked me up for a while. I ordered the sugarcane skewered pork tenderloin and Chris had a BBQ chicken thing, but I wasn’t too impressed with mine. It said it came with potatoes – not specifying the type so I assume it would be standard potatoes. It turned out they were the purple potatoes which I didn’t like so much. I did want to try them so at least I had ticked something off my list I guess. I was keener on Chris’ dinner so we had a bit of a nibble of each others’ plates.


There was a wedding reception there at the same time playing Hawaiian music and a hula show. I didn’t have the room or energy for dessert so we headed back, thankfully it was a nice short walk! I was feeling like a walking zombie at this point, but determined to beat yesterday’s bedtime I made it until 10.15pm!


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