Day 2: Honolulu to Kauai: Rainbows, rental cars and roosters…

We were up at 6am after 6 hours sleep to get the shuttle back to the airport. The weather was grey, wet and miserable but we did get to see our first rainbow. It’s a shame the backdrop was of industrial looking buildings! We arrived at the airport with a bit of time to kill so had a leisurely breakfast and read magazines until the plane arrived.

The flight was a few minutes late but was a pain-free 37 minute hop across the sea. The complimentary fruit juice was tasty! We landed in Lihue to similar weather and hoped it wouldn’t last very long. We grabbed our stuff and jumped on the shuttle to Thrifty to collect our ‘compact’ rental car (although I would definitely never call it that, it must have been double the size of my mini!) We detoured to Walmart to get some food for the condo – especially my beloved fruit loops. We were on our way and could see some blue trying to break through the big clouds in the sky. We found the tree tunnel and knew we weren’t far away, and a few minutes later found the Suite Paradise building to check in.

We got some more complimentary fruit punch and I spotted the first roosters strutting around the car park. We zipped across to the condo and had a speedy unpack, also discovering free wi-fi which wasn’t mentioned when we booked – a nice bonus!

Kiahuna Plantation Our Condo

We were itching to get out so took a little dander along Kiahuna beach to Poipu & Brennecke’s beaches. The sky was still a bit grey, but the beach looked amazing and we couldn’t get over how empty it was – if this was the UK every spot would be covered by a semi-naked body even if the weather was barely warm outside. We watched people surfing in the waves for a while and saw our first sea turtle frolicking near the shore, it was enormous. He occasionally popped his head out to say hello – it must have felt a bit like the paparazzi for him.

Poipu Beach

We decided to try our first shave ice and grabbed one at the nearest place; Brennecke’s Deli. We had red raspberry, pineapple and passion fruit flavours with Macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom. The ice cream was actually gorgeous and the syrups were good, especially the raspberry. Unfortunately the ice was fairly chunky so it wasn’t as good as we had hoped! Some slipped out on to the grass and the roosters were straight over to clean it up. Perhaps that’s why they are so bold, with a stomach full of E-numbers!

Brennecke's beach

Poipu beach

We popped back to the condo for a quick drink and snack and I noticed in my guidebook that Brennecke’s shave ice was described as terrible. This reassured me that we would find a good one soon. We headed for Snorkel Bob’s to get our snorkel stuff. We opted for the most expensive mask so hopefully it wouldn’t need too much adjusting all the time. It came to $70 each for 2 weeks including flippers and the cleaning gel. We could return it on Oahu for no extra charge.

Even though the sun would be setting soon we had to test the snorkels out so we had a quick 40 minutes on the beach by Kiahuna. There were some pretty striped fish, parrot fish and a blue needle fish – not tonnes around but a nice start to ease me in as this was my first time snorkelling with waves to contend with. As I am petrified of fish I quite enjoyed the spots where they weren’t in massive groups.

First attempt at snorkelling

After this we took a walk toward the Sheraton to watch the sunset and the surfers. It probably wasn’t the best viewpoint for a sunset but there were plenty of good views and photo opportunities anyway. We saw the first in a long line of bride and grooms’ getting their photos taken on the beach, and the tiki torches were all on.

Sunset in Kauai

Chris was getting hungry by now so we dandered back. I just wanted to pop open my all-time favourite Froot Loops but it wasn’t to be until the morning, and we headed over to Poipu Shopping Village. We (basically me) didn’t have the concentration to eat in, so decided on Puka Dog which was a fine choice! I had a polish dog with mango relish, jalapeno relish and lilikoi mustard – a winning combo. We headed back to the condo to chill out and could only manage until 8.30 – unfortunately jet lag won this round.


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