Highlights from LA & Las Vegas – HD Youtube Videos

This post has been a super long time coming as completing these videos took much longer than expected due to birthdays, busy schedules and attempting to prepare the house for the arrival of a hyperactive bengal kitten. This shows 95% of our pictures with the odd accidental foot, blurry under the chin or inappropriately dressed shot plucked out for aesthetic reasons!

Don’t judge me on the song choice for the LA video, this is the one song (sadly!) that I think of when remembering this trip as it was on repeat in every shop, restaurant and casino in September. (Side note: I am not too sure why, but Cher Lloyd seems to be doing far better for herself in the US these days as most of us on this side of the pond have barely heard of her since she was rejected on X factor!)

Highlights from LA:


Highlights from Las Vegas:


Watch them in HD as they are much prettier! Watching these back has made me wish it was feasible to jump on a plane for a long weekend. Thankfully in 98 days I will be starting my next adventure in Hawaii and working on the next videos.

A little bit of credit goes to my boyfriend here for helping me put these together in iMovie, even if it did take him over two months to help me finish them…!


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