Day 13 – Thursday 27th Las Vegas: Tommy Hilfiger, Tiny vodka bottles and Tower rides

Today we had set an alarm for 10am, as due to the room at PH being so dark we were constantly sleeping in longer than we should be! Our Deuce day pass was still valid so we headed to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets on the SDX bus (the ones to the north that are all outdoor). This bus was insanely packed, we had to stand and wobble everywhere most of the way – but we had a reasonably quick ride there.

I started off well, not spending for the first half hour at least! We witnessed a man being restrained in one of the shops whilst waiting for the police to arrive – he had been running around the place shouting, dancing in the fountain and generally being a crazy loon before someone managed to pin him down. He was screaming and kicking and making a huge scene, almost losing his trousers in the process – I am pretty sure he was on something!

I bought some new sandals in Steve Madden and browsed Burberry, Ted Baker and Tory Burch where I managed to behave. I really regret not picking up the green ‘Alfie’ sandals in Tory Burch now, and have been searching regularly for the beauties on ebay! We stopped in the Swarovski shop where Amy finally started spending, although mostly for gifts. I bought some earrings as they were insanely cheap and it would have been crazy not to.

One day I will find (and own) these!

One day I will find (and own) these!

Next stop – Tommy Hilfiger. This is where I went crazy. At home, Tommy Hilfiger is double, often triple as much money so I lost control here and bought an abundance of jumpers and cardigans. The knitwear department was considerably lighter when I left! It was justified though as I have ended up wearing everything 24/7 during our never-ending winter. After this my bags were weighing me down, and I had easily spent three times my daily budget so we caught the SDX back to the hotel to drop of the bags and have a bit of a rest.

Tonight was to be the night I finally made it up the Stratosphere Tower! We got the Deuce down there, stopping off at the Bonanza gift store on Sahara Ave so Amy could check it out. (She has the same issue with souvenirs that I do with clothes!) It was the same crap that it had previously and neither of us bought anything, however the attached liquor store was very good. They had so many miniatures in plastic bottles, all flavours and brands we don’t get at home like cupcake, coconut and whipped cream flavoured vodka. We both bought loads for souvenirs or Christmas stocking fillers.

There was a lovely lady working in there who took a shine to our English accents! She gave us a couple of freebie shots as well which was nice. We put everything we wanted into a basket and asked her if we could leave it with her and come back to collect and pay after our trip up the tower. She was more than happy to do this so we walked over to the Stratosphere.

We queued up and paid our admission, they took a few cheesy photos which they superimposed onto their background to try and sell at the end. Amy has an issue with scary things and didn’t fancy the rides but I managed to get her up the tower which was good enough for me! She was happy to play the photographer while I queued up to dangle off the side of the building on Insanity. The sheer height you are at and the view way down below makes it so much more scary – definitely a must do!

IMG_1672 IMG_1683

I rode at dusk which was the perfect time as the lights were all coming on below, but you could still see everything – great views! After this I went on big shot. By now it was dark and my seat was facing the strip, it looked just like a postcard when I was shot up into the sky surrounded by all of the lights. I was a bit disappointed that we only went up and down once though, it needed to be at least 2 or 3 times.

IMG_1685 IMG_1689 IMG_1695

We finally found our way down and viewed the touristy pictures they took at the beginning. Amy was wearing a green top and due to the green screen it had disappeared leaving her with no middle (with the strip background filling this gap so her head looked like a floating one!) – yet they still expected us to want to buy it! She had also been wearing green on our Warner Bros visit where they simply tweaked her top to be turquoise and avoided the issue. We would have bought the image as well if they had done a decent job as it was a nice photo otherwise.


We collected our shots from the nice lady at the liquor store and hopped on the Deuce to head for the Wicked Spoon buffet. This was one of the biggest disappointments for me unfortunately – it definitely didn’t live up to the hype. I’d spent ages looking at pictures, reviews and video clips as it looked amazing, but on the night we went there was no great selection if you didn’t eat seafood. Sometimes at the buffets there is more emphasis on having lots of that over a big variety, which isn’t so good when you don’t like it!

The mashed potato and sausage pasta were fairly good but certainly didn’t justify the $34 price tag per person. Desserts were a bit better with a good ice cream selection, but still comparable to the Harrah’s lunch buffet – the chocolate mousses in chocolate cups and mini cheesecakes were exactly the same! We didn’t spend long there and headed back to the hotel to do a spot of gambling before bed. I plan to give the buffet a second chance on my next visit as I am hoping it was just an off day. 


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