Day 12 – Wednesday 26th Las Vegas: From Four Seasons to Circus Circus

After yesterday’s busy day, we didn’t get up until mid day so we headed straight to Earl of Sandwich for lunch. I opted for the Hawaiian BBQ this time, which was also really tasty and filling, but I think the edge still goes to the Jerk Chicken. We dandered over to the Cosmo as up until this point we had only briefly been inside, and had a browse around the restaurants and shops. Some guy asked me to take a photograph of him on my camera and email it to him – very odd!

We then went down to the south strip on our way to the Vegas sign taking a detour through Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay and Four Seasons. It was my first time inside the Four Seasons and it was very fancy, also a convenient stop to use the bathroom which was very grand!

A very bizarre shop we encountered!

A very bizarre shop we encountered!

There were an insane amount of people at the sign this time and numerous weddings parties. Most people tried to queue but others decided to just walk straight up to the sign in the middle of someone’s turn and take 50 pictures without a care in the world, very annoying! They almost need to employ someone to organise everyone!


Afterward we headed back to Mandalay Bay and I was itching to have another go on the Paradise Fishing machines. I wasn’t so lucky this time though and lost all my money, so I played until the waitress came round so I could quench my thirst with a daiquiri and left before it got any worse. We strolled back down the strip and popped into M&M world so that Amy could stock up on these to give as presents at home. They were giving free samples so we had a little nibble there and headed back to the hotel to drop Amy’s bits off before they melted.

IMG_1573 IMG_1585

From reviews on Trip Advisor I really wanted to make the trip down to the Peppermill so we decided to catch the Deuce there for dinner. It was really retro in there and again the staff uniform was on theme! The food was great and the portions were large as expected – Amy ordered a side of onion rings and there was like a family sized portion on the plate, we couldn’t finish them between us.


As we were down that way, we decided to check out Circus Circus and the Riviera. I didn’t have these on my ‘must’ list but figured I should make a point to stop in as they might not be there for my next trip! Both were quite dark, dingy and depressing but we had a quick gamble in one of the double slot machines at Circus Circus – lost it all as well so I guess we donated some pennies to keep the casino going!

IMG_1605 IMG_1611

We considered heading to the stratosphere but were feeling a bit tired so headed back to the hotel to play on the slots there. We got lucky for a while and ordered a few drinks to perk us up a bit, before eventually losing it and heading off to bed.


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