Day 11 – Tuesday 25th Las Vegas: A Grand Adventure at the Grand Canyon

Today we were up bright and early for our trip to the Grand Canyon with Grand Adventures. We’d booked the Sunset trip plenty in advance after reading all the great reviews on the Trip Advisor forum. We were picked up outside Planet Hollywood at 7.40am and were with 5 others from Australia and New Zealand (2 others had mixed up their dates – which meant more room and food for us!).

On our way!

The first stop was McDonalds for breakfast. We had done well to avoid this place so far on our hols, but breakfast is my favourite meal to have there. I ordered a McMuffin meal and sat using the wi-fi to load a few pictures and catch up with people while we could – the early time meant it was a reasonable hour at home as well. We also stopped off at Hoover Dam on the way for some pictures and to have a walk around. After this it was a long drive to the canyon. On the way the van was comfy enough and our guide, Brett was friendly and chatty.

IMG_1258 IMG_1239

We had a cheeky bonus to the tour when we were pulled over by a cop for being very slightly over the speed limit! He did a vehicle inspection and we got some sneaky pics of him before heading back on our way. We stopped off at Kingman on Route 66 for petrol and grabbed some snacks and a few pictures. There are some interesting things on sale in the ladies toilets which kept everyone entertained back on the bus!

After this we drove to our next stop of Seligman (still on route 66) which was the inspiration for the movie ‘Cars’. This was a quirky little place with a bunch of souvenir shops and photo opportunities. After this it was the long stretch straight to the south rim, where we arrived at around 3pm. Brett pointed out some elk on the road on our way in – they are massive!

IMG_1283 IMG_1300 IMG_1303 IMG_1304

As soon as we pulled into the car park we found a picnic bench to have our lunch at. Lunch was good and filling – a massive sandwich, sugar cookies, cheese, grapes, crackers and water. There were also the extras going around from the 2 people who didn’t make it to the tour.

IMG_1340 IMG_1357 IMG_1391

The canyon is just massive (obviously) and we took millions of photos. It was a perfect day with a bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds. We walked along a trail to some viewpoints and posed for some photos along the way. We gathered at another viewpoint for sunset and were the only ones there. Two people on our tour were celebrating their wedding anniversary and Brett had some wine for everyone – this went straight to my head as I don’t usually drink wine!

IMG_1393 IMG_1437 IMG_1448

Sunset was great with lots of bright colours – I am glad we picked the sunset tour over the standard tour; it’s a no brainer as it is the same price! We headed back to the van stopping off at a souvenir shop to grab some snacks for the ride back to Vegas. I tried to sleep but it was difficult without headrests – I definitely recommend a travel pillow if you have one!

IMG_1458 IMG_1471 IMG_1486

We made a pit-stop at In n Out Burger for some late night dinner (I was most impressed as I haven’t eaten there since 2008!) and arrived back at our hotel around midnight. We were fairly exhausted and headed straight up to the room, where somehow I managed to forget to exit the lift on our floor riding all the way to the top with 2 other amused people! I managed to catch the lift back down to find Amy there in fits of laughter and we went off to bed.


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