Day 8 – Saturday 22nd Las Vegas: The day I fit inside my suitcase and we then went Downtown

We woke up in the mood for a pool day but unfortunately the Flamingo main pool was closed for an event which was a bit disappointing. Everyone was crammed around a smaller pool a bit like sardines which wasn’t so fun. We sunbathed for a bit and tried to get on the free wi-fi without much luck before giving up and heading out for the day. We didn’t really have a plan and strolled in the direction of the Fashion Show Mall and decided to check out Maggiano’s for lunch.

One of the Flamingo pools

One of the Flamingo pools

Random lunch choices

The portions at this restaurant are very generous and our waiter was really friendly. We ordered a bunch of things (again, enough to feed a family, oops!) and mostly everything was very good, especially the angel hair pasta. Whilst we were there we had a quick browse around the shops and headed to the Apple store to use their wi-fi. At this point I remembered I must find a 2nd suitcase after all my shopping so we stumbled around to find a reasonably priced one.

I realised there weren’t any reasonably priced suitcases in FSM so splurged on a Samsonite one which had a hard outside but weighed nothing – I think it made sense to buy a decent one! For some reason I decided to just stroll back to the Flamingo with it and got a few stares and comments, presumably people thinking I was too cheap to take a taxi? It weighed nothing and was a short walk, so it was common sense for me!

My headache was still trying to piss me off so I had a 10 minute lay down and dosed myself up on pills again. It seemed to work this time and we got up ready to get the deuce downtown to see the Fremont Street Experience. At some point I think Amy suggested the suitcase was big enough to fit me inside it, so naturally I had to test the theory. She was right!

Very mature...!

Very mature…!

Definitely fitting in!

Definitely fitting in!

A job well done!

A job well done!

We strolled out to the bus stop via Walgreens to get a big icee slushie to keep us entertained on the bus (the bus also provided a bit of entertainment of it’s own as usual). I really enjoy a visit downtown and it seemed extra lively as it was a Saturday night with live music playing as well. I took Amy to Mermaids and La Bayou to collect the obligatory beads and we strolled around most of the casinos before checking out the shark tank at the Golden Nugget. Downtown seems to have been scrubbed up quite a lot since my last trip in 2008 in my opinion!

FSE Mermaids Free beads! Shark tank

Next we picked up a few souvenirs as prices were a little better than on the strip and had dinner at Dupar’s at Golden Gate. This was quite a cool place and felt like going back in time! The waitresses were dressed in retro outfits and the food was tasty and cheap. We rambled around for a bit more taking photos and what-not, managed to witness someone get stuck up on the zip line and come & get fetched which was quite funny as he busted some moves to the music while waiting to be rescued!

Dinner at Du Par's

Dinner at Du Par’s

Light show

Guy stuck on the zipline!

Guy stuck on the zipline!

We took a dander around the Fremont East area for more photos and then headed back on the Deuce. This was delightfully slow as usual and full of characters that definitely get increasingly weirder as the night goes on. This is why we usually walk (or occasionally get the shuttles) everywhere! We had a last attempt at making some money on the slots in Margaritaville before calling it a night, and thankfully we both managed to leave with more than we started with, I did particularly well this time on my lucky Batman Joker machine.


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