Day 7 – Fri 21st Las Vegas: Buffets, bad luck and blowing the budget

We didn’t wake up until 12 (partly due to the drink, partly due to adjusting to the time zone?) and realised we had probably missed breakfast at Hash House. We were starving though and didn’t want to travel far for food so headed to Harrah’s buffet as Amy had a Total Rewards coupon. The lunch buffet was $8.50 each + tip. I don’t see why people slate it so much, there was unlimited salad, pastas, pizzas, Asian food etc – it wasn’t high end food but nothing near to Excalibur buffet’s level of bad! The dessert station wasn’t really any different to Bacchanal with mini puds including a very tasty chocolate mousse. There is also the ice cream bar there as well so plenty of options – nothing to complain about at that price.

Ice cream at Harrah's buffet

We wandered across to the Venetian to check out the canals and shops there. Something I still haven’t understood – what dictates whether they can be called ‘Shops’ or ‘Shoppes’? I always presumed ‘Shoppes’ were fancier but it didn’t seem that way in Vegas? I got distracted by a candy store with enormous boxes of Nerds (something else we don’t get at home) – they had really cool displays everywhere for Halloween. There seems to be an abundance of candy shops that have cropped up across Vegas since my last visit – I am sure it was just M&M world in 2008! We also noticed that the homeless guys there were coming up with more inventive signs, although definitely copying each other. My favourite was the Kermit sign.

Cereal sized boxes of Nerds!

Cereal sized boxes of Nerds!

Another candy shop... Venetian October theme at Venetian

One of the more inventive ones!

One of the more inventive ones!

The next destination was the Wynn to sign Amy up for the Red Card. I was attracted to the Alice in Wonderland slots flashing at me, which was a BIG mistake! They rinsed me completely and I lost a considerable chunk of the gambling budget, while Amy won a measly $10 (Although you would have thought it was $1000 from her excitement!). I had a go at getting some of it back on the Cherry Wild machine but lost even more so was happy to leave! (This was a stark contrast to my last trip here when I hit a progressive – it is definitely no longer lucky to me any more!).

Seeing as we were nearby, we stopped in at the Fashion Show Mall for yet some more retail therapy. I bought a few bits at Forever 21 and Abercrombie and made my way over to the Kate Spade store for their event. I admired the bag some more and it didn’t take much before I was convinced it was a necessity (and to be fair it was – I use it daily for work and pleasure!). I also found a scarf I liked the look of that was $198, probably crazy for a scarf but what the hell. With the 20% off voucher both came to $498 – I will consider this a late birthday present to myself!

At this point I am dying from a migraine which I have been trying to shake off by distracting myself with the shops, but it’s definitely winning at the moment. We stopped off at ABC stores for some very overpriced pills and strolled back to the hotel so I could relax for a bit and hopefully show Mr. Headache who was boss. I hate to be stuck in my room on vacation but it definitely wasn’t calming down so we popped downstairs to Johnny Rockets to grab a burger & tuna melt to take up to the room and eat in bed like students!


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