Day 6 – Thu 20th Las Vegas: A productive day with a merry end

We headed for the Flamingo gardens to check them out and get a few pictures and then took a dander around the Sugar Factory. We remained strong and didn’t purchase anything, and I was interested to see there are now Jelly Belly drinks in existence – that must be a sugar high! We nipped across to the Cosmopolitan to sign up for their Identity players card and I discovered my new favourite, the ‘Paradise Fishing’ machines!

Flamingo's At the flamingo gardens

Started off using my free play with these as their big bright screens attracted me – so many new machines since my last trip a few years ago! I finally started to gain a little luck and managed to be $40 up (good for a low roller!). We had a stroll around their casino before setting off on what was to be a walking marathon. We walked to NYNY with a stop off at M&M World on route. We grabbed some pizza at one of the café’s for lunch and I managed to resist the rollercoaster (for the first time ever!).

The most addictive slot machines in Vegas!

The most addictive slot machines in Vegas!

M&M World

We strolled across to the Excalibur where I continued my lucky streak on Super Jackpot Party, $50 up probably playing minimum or near minimum bet. The drinks here were not as nice as the cocktails in virtually all the other casinos – makes sense I guess. We continued our journey and stopped off in Luxor, Mandalay Bay and MGM – where I lost my $50 slowly, machine by machine! We headed to the Bellagio and I had to check out the lobby again, and the conservatory which was set up with a Halloween & harvest theme. We also took a dander to Jean Phillipe’s Patisserie which I had heard mentioned regularly on Tripadvisor – again we resisted buying!


Bonus of Super Jackpot Party Hangover slots WOF Machines Harvest/Halloween theme Bellagio conservatory Cakes and desserts More cakes Patisserie

Today we were flying around, and headed to Monte Carlo next. We peeked around and found the Cupcakery, but there was a queue (and we didn’t seem to be able to stop anywhere for longer than two minutes unless it involved gambling!) so we continued on to the forum shops. It looks like we obviously went back on ourselves at this point so I am not sure what we were trying to achieve except cover as much ground as possible? I presume some shuttles/monorails were involved. Oh well, we were having a great day!

Amy bought a charm for her Pandora bracelet and I found my new favourite store, Kate Spade. I hadn’t heard of it in the UK yet and had my eye on the perfect black handbag, but wasn’t sure I could justify $428 when we still had another week in Vegas. The sales lady twisted my arm with a 20% voucher for an event tomorrow, so I pencilled that in to squeeze into our day.

We had a quick look at the Cheesecake Factory menu on our way out (we were saving this for another day) and headed in the direction of the Mirage. Our plan was to visit the secret garden, but it was now 5.25pm and we didn’t realise they closed at 5.30. We consoled ourselves with some fro-yo at Blizzard. It was a tad pricey at $8.50, but very tasty with peanut butter everything (which is amazing for us as it’s not so popular as a flavour in the UK).

Peanut butter fro-yo Loved these seats!

We headed towards Fashion Show Mall, cutting through TI to have a nose around. Their revolving doors decided to have a moment, and a few of us got stuck inside. This is where I encountered the rudest a*hole ever! He whacked the door right into me, but I couldn’t move anywhere, and then proceeded to call me a variety of colourful names, lovely!

The next stop was Forever 21 where I decided to stock up (love this shop but my nearest store is in London and has half the range of this one). Amy doesn’t have the same love for it as I do, so I tried my best to hurry – but still tried on around 30 things, oops! We started strolling back towards Flamingo, stopping off at Walgreens for a few touristy bits, magnets, postcards etc. We caught the Mirage volcano (which had been closed on my two previous trips) and got a few pictures, although it wasn’t much to write home about. We cut through Harrah’s and Margaritaville casinos and finally headed up to the room to rest our aching tootsies!

Interesting souvenirs at Walgreens!

Interesting souvenirs at Walgreens!

Wynn glowing gold

We decided to scrub ourselves up and head out for a drink at the Margaritaville bar. I had a cherry vodka & coke and Amy had a strawberry margarita – drinks were ok but pricey considering we could have ordered that at a slot machine! We did have some free entertainment though, not that anyone would have watched out of choice! This guy at the bar clearly had a ‘lady of the night’ with him and they were getting rather ‘friendly’ at the bar. It began as light fondling and snogging the face off each other but progressed to some questionable under the table activity.

Everyone at the bar including the barmen were in hysterics but they seemed completely oblivious to us! The girl was moaning and he was making some strange sounds too, before finally (much to our relief) they got up and left (presumably in the direction of his room – or some other public area as that was clearly what they were into!).


Afterward the bar was fairly quiet and empty so we took a dander across to Harrah’s through Carnaval court. We parked ourselves on some stools at the slushie bar ‘Numb’ and sampled shots of the various flavours. I settled for the Purple Rain and Amy ordered the Mango Kush. The bartender working there was most definitely a prawn! We were chatting to various people including some bizarre dude who was apparently ‘on business’ and did something with Mustangs for a living. He kept on (very loudly) complaining about Vegas and how much he hated it.

Not sure what he was after but Amy managed to get rid of him by being rude and implying we only spoke to rich men. He probably thought we were complete gold diggers, but we were just glad he had left us alone and happy for him to have that opinion! He walked off and propped himself up against the back of a slot machine for a while just watching us – very weird! Perhaps we should have said we were lesbians instead.

Numb slushies

We finished our slushies (there was at least one refill – possibly more) and strolled back to the hotel in a merry mood. I got distracted by the slots in Margaritaville but was not having any luck. We somehow attracted some American guys who tried (and failed) to convince us they were English. We chatted for a while about nothing I can remember before stumbling off to bed.


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