Day 4 – Tue 18th LA: Exploring Farmers Market & Santa Monica

We were slowly adjusting to the time and woke up at 8am for breakfast before catching the bus to The Grove and Farmers Market. This trip was a lot less painful than our other bus adventures in LA and I don’t think it is possible to do it wrong! Since my last visit there, they have opened a huge Dylan’s Candy Bar so we had to have a browse around there – no purchases though as prices were quite steep!

Dylan's Candy Bar

We also took a trip to a home/kitchen type shop to buy a few baking related things that we can’t get at home. At the Farmers Market we found a shop selling so many different varieties of hot sauce and stocked up on some small plastic bottles to bring home as gifts. (Later trying them at home, I regretted not paying attention to the heat scale and just picking the ones with the most interesting labels – they blew our heads off!).

Farmers market Hot sauce

We grabbed some food from one of the Chinese stands in the Farmers Market. I don’t think we picked the best place but the pot stickers were good, pork buns not so much. There was a lot of activity going on – they were filming Extra at The Grove and there were a couple of film crews at the Farmers Market.

Extra at The Grove

Today was to be our Santa Monica day. My friend really wanted to visit (as did I as it is my favourite part of LA) but I knew it would be a mission without a car, and I wasn’t wrong. We must have walked a third of the journey! The bus we needed to get, we managed to miss twice, and then when we caught it the driver informed us only alternate buses actually went to Santa Monica. So we had to disembark and wait for another bus. I seemed to be the only one who understood this and had to explain to some others that we needed to wait for the Big Blue Bus.

We got there eventually, but wished we had took a taxi (and agreed we would do this on the way home!). We headed straight to the beach and decided to rent some bikes and explore. We found Perry’s and paid $19 each for 2 hours on the bikes. This was by far my favourite day in LA and we covered a lot of ground in the 2 hours, well worth the money! There were some interesting characters hanging out by Muscle Beach at Venice – I am not sure it would be the nicest place at night!

Santa Monica Renting bikes My beach cruiser! Cycling to Venice Muscle beach Empty beach!

We rode back up to the pier, returning the bikes on the way and staying for sunset. I wanted to hit the shops at 3rd Street Promenade but by now even I wasn’t in the mood for shopping! We caught a recording of Criminal Minds at the entrance to the pier and then headed to the promenade for food. We weren’t sure what we wanted and settled on Johnnie’s Italian. Food here was good, portions were enormous so we regretted ordering starters first!

Waiting for sunset

I popped into the mall to find a lock for my suitcase (TSA bashed mine off, so I decided to shell out for a Samsonite – there weren’t many other options there). We caught a taxi home which was $45 to the hotel – so worth it! We chilled out in the room for a bit watching some American TV and fell asleep.


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