Day 3 – Mon 17th LA: From the hills to the boonies..

For some reason I didn’t make any notes of this day, but it was quite an eventful one. We were up early again and headed to the Chinese Theatre after breakfast to do the usual touristy things before heading off to Warner Bros for the studio tour. This was good fun and we got to see the set of Pretty Little Liars and various other areas of the studio. The highlight for me was seeing the ‘space shuttle’ from Big Bang Theory, and the old friends Central Perk set.

Chinese theater Twilight!

Entrance to Warner Bros

The only disappointment was the spoilt and very annoying child we had to deal with the entire time. Our group was really nice and it was clear everyone was frustrated with her. She kept interrupting the guide thinking she knew it all and her parents did nothing while she spoke to them like crap constantly.

Remember the running scene from Friends?

Remember the running scene from Friends?

Space shuttle from Big bang theory The friends set Central perk

We stopped off at an Asian food truck for a spot of lunch which we ate on the grass, and then took the bus to Beverly Hills to window shop and visit Sprinkles cupcakery. I ordered the banana cupcake with vanilla frosting – definitely one of the best cupcakes I’ve had and I now understand the hype. Be prepared to queue for a while!

Street food truck Korean lunch Banana cupcake from Sprinkles

After strolling around for a bit I decided we should take a trip to Robertson Boulevard to check out Kitson and The Ivy, this is when the day started to get eventful. Normally I pride myself on my great direction skills, but this day I made a bit of a boo-boo. I was convinced I knew where we were headed though and that we just had to keep on walking, so we did. All the way to Pico-Robertson. It turns out my instinctive compass was facing the wrong direction. 

We found ourselves in the middle of an orthodox Jewish neighbourhood getting some strange looks – I am guessing they knew we were lost. It was then that we realised it was the Rosh Hashanah holiday and we probably looked very out of place! We reached a crossroad and my friend and I debated which direction to go in. I tried to look at the map on my guidebook and couldn’t work out anywhere I recognised nearby, but it seemed we weren’t heading into a gangland so we continued on our way.

We were browsing the bus stops to see if there was anything to take us towards Hollywood as by now our feet were feeling the pain of walking for miles in flimsy sandals and we didn’t fancy turning back the way we had came. There was nothing familiar so we jumped on a bus which was heading downtown as I was hoping it would have to go near-ish to Hollywood to get there.

At this point I admitted defeat (which I should definitely have done long ago!) and asked someone on the bus for advice. The girl recommended we got off at the next stop and find a bus to Hollywood from there. It was night time now and we are walking down a main street in the lovely Inglewood. Back to getting strange looks from people and feeling on edge and then I spy a bus stop. There is a route to Hollywood from here and we have a little celebratory dance whilst trying not to stand out like a sore thumb to some of the shifty locals looking at us.

We waited for what seemed like forever and I knew it was far from the ideal place for two girls to be alone in the evening. Eventually a bus came along and we tried to pay – exact change only. I threw around 6 times the fare into the little box, took our tickets and found a seat. Finally we were on our way, still getting strange looks all around. We got back into Hollywood and had to laugh about it, but agreed not to trust my directions again!

We grabbed some food from somewhere I don’t remember, some smoothies from D’Lush (I recommend the ‘Ray of Sunshine’) and retreated to the safe haven of our hotel room.

Smoothies from D'lush



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