USA Trip September 2012: Day 1 – Sat 15th London to LA: Delta, Dinners and Drug Searches

I am a bit behind with my travel blogging (as per usual) as this trip happened during the last two weeks of September, and now 4-5 months later I have finally gotten round to writing about it. Thankfully I have my detailed notes so it shouldn’t be too wishy-washy and hopefully next time I can write it up within at least two months! Small steps.

We had a lunch time flight from Heathrow and managed to check in nice and early. We flew Delta Economy and I do not recommend them as an airline – I would rather pay extra and fly with any other company, nice pretzels though. The first flight wasn’t too bad, but I found the seats to be ridiculously small and I am a small female who is only 5’2 – I don’t think anyone taller than me would be comfortable flying long haul with them in Economy

The food was alright – I didn’t note it down and it wasn’t that memorable but it did the job, I did note that we clocked 3 dinners that day due to time zones. The second flight was TERRIBLE. It started off quite amusing as I happened to be stopped for a search (as I also was for the first leg of the flight) which my friend and I assumed must be because I was hauling around a bag the size of a small elephant. We put it down to bad luck, as we had sprinted there out of breath due to underestimating Minneapolis airports sheer size – they could do with giving you a more realistic connection timeframe!

Once on the plane it was literally a sub-zero temperature. The most uncomfortable experience I have ever had on a plane and I was dressed in a jumper, jeans, scarf and socks! Again, it was uneventful except for the landing. Bearing in mind at this point we hadn’t slept for a very long time, I see the passenger in front of me is constantly sniffing something inside a bottle. Needless to say it puts me on edge! I can’t help but observe him as he regularly opens the bottle for a sniff and keeps looking at it and swirling it around, and in my mind imagine him creating some kind of explosive in there.

I try to shrug it off and shut my eyes, but I can’t relax and it is becoming more frequent. In my sleep deprived state I have had enough and ask the cabin crew to find out what he is doing. They simply ask him if he is sniffing something and he denies it, so the air hostess looks at me like I have lost my mind and walks off.

I can hear the guy in front laughing to himself and he gets the bottle out again. Had he admitted to being a tool I would have let it go, but this just increased my paranoia. So the air hostess comes by again and I tell her to take his stupid bottle off him. They exchange words for a bit and finally he hands it over – it looks like he has been sniffing tobacco or something so I roll my eyes and sit back into my chair.

She has a moan at him as it is against the rules and before I know it we have landed at LAX. After this was again uneventful, we collected our bags and hopped in the Super Shuttle to our hotel, Hollywood Celebrity. This is my third stay here and little has changed which suited me just fine. It was my friends first time here and she was full of beans so we nipped out for a quick walk along Hollywood Boulevard and a burger at Johnny Rockets before retiring to our room for the night.


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