Day 2 – Sun 16th LA: A virtual trip to Mexico at Olvera St.

We woke up at 5am and tried our best to stay in bed until 7am and get on LA time. We turned on the news and found out that LA was experiencing a heat wave this weekend. This was fine with us as we had barely clocked up ten days of hot weather this summer in England (which was the worst ‘summer’ I can remember).

We lazed around until breakfast was ready downstairs, where I was elated to see Froot Loops on the shelf. That wasn’t even an exaggeration. While we have the better chocolate across the pond, America by far has the tastiest cereal, and without fail each morning I would start the day with a big bowl of either Froot Loops or Lucky Charms.

Our daily breakfast spot!

We took a stroll over to Hollywood & Highland to get some views of the sign (embarrassingly, on my previous two stays I didn’t know I could view it right under my nose the whole time) and then decided to visit Olvera street. We headed to the metro station and found the machines a nightmare to use. There was a homeless guy here who obviously helps out tourists for tips, but to be honest we were glad of his help and much preferred this to the people sat on the sidewalk begging for money.

Hollywood sign from Hollywood & Highland mall

Eventually we arrived at Union Station and we realised it was Mexican Independent Day and there were all sorts of celebrations going on. It was a really fun atmosphere and music was blasting. We rambled around the shops and markets before stopping for lunch at El Paseo Inn. The food here was good (it seemed authentic to us, but I haven’t visited Mexico) and it was packed with Mexican families. The staff were chatty and some danced and sang around the tables.

Street food at Olvera St. Lunch at El Paseo Inn

We went into a little shop and bought some ceramic bowls (we were told they were imported from Mexico) from a nice guy who chatted to us about the Olympics for a while. We wandered around for ages taking photos and buying souvenirs before heading back to Hollywood. We hit the shops a bit and browsed the walk of fame in daylight before stopping for dinner at Mel’s drive in. Really good sandwiches and great coleslaw – it felt like a diner experience to us.

Neon sign at Mel's drive in

Jet lag was kicking in and we were ready for bed, but somehow I managed to break the shower and we had to wait up for a bit so that it could be fixed – I guess this helped to get us a tiny bit more on LA time at least!


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