Marrakech, Morocco: January 2011

This trip was very spur of the moment, it started out as a trip for ‘inspiration’ for my final major project at university but ended up becoming another shopping and adventure trip. I found Marrakech to be quite different from other places I had travelled to and I think this was the most I had experienced culture shock before, it was almost like going back in time which is how I felt on a previous trip to rural Bulgaria, just to a lesser degree as the poverty there was less in your face.

We stayed at Hotel Kenzi Farah in the Hivernage area, but it was only a 5 minute walk to the Medina. I loved Jemma El Fna, especially the orange juice sold by the vendors there. We were a little less adventurous with food here as I wasn’t sure I would like a tagine – we found Restaurant Argana and an Italian style place called ‘Aqua’ to be very good.

Shopping was very good here – the souks had plenty although it was hard work haggling for it. A man running a stall my boyfriend was buying something from took a fancy to me and ended up kissing me on the cheek a few times and trying to sell us more and more. It’s a good idea to go to Ensemble Artisnal before heading to the Souks and you can get a rough guide on prices there. We actually found this to be cheaper than we could get some vendors down to at the souks, especially for the ceramic bowls and floor pouffes.

We are hoping to go back for another trip to help decorate the house, and may well stay at the Kenzi Farah again, their pancakes at breakfast were amazing.

Pictures to follow if I can find them..!


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